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Trevor And The Family Get Snowed In

The homey peacefulness of a quiet December evening filled the air inside the McPherson home in the early Thursday evening hours, a comfortable 70 degrees indoors in contrast to the darkness and chill of a Minnesota winter only a few … Continue reading

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Trevor’s Thanksgiving Dinner Guests

Bemidji, Minnesota–Last June Lauren Nelson sat on the wooden dock on the beach of the northern Minnesota lake where her family had a cabin.  A look of serene satisfaction was splashed across her adorable 15-year-old face as a slight breeze … Continue reading

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Gretchen Takes On The School Board

My daughter Kaitlyn sat anxiously at her assigned desk in her fourth-grade classroom, looking up from her math assignment to the clock hanging over the door every few seconds.  She struggled to concentrate for a few moments until she saw … Continue reading

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Trevor And The Family’s Sunday Afternoon At The Mall

The crowds were modest traversing the halls of the Willow Creek Mall in the western suburbs of Minneapolis on this late October Sunday afternoon.  Trevor McPherson was walking hand in hand with his sweet-as-honey dark blond girlfriend Lauren and exploring … Continue reading

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Megan’s Revenge

It was a dreary Monday morning in Kokomo, Indiana, as Megan Neary stood waiting for her bus to school with a light but steady rain bearing down on her and dousing her shoulder-length light brown hair into mangly strands as … Continue reading

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Breanna Goes To Work For Her Dad

The conference room at Dirks Financial Services corporate headquarters in suburban St. Louis was a cesspool of air pollution and noise pollution Monday morning. More than three dozen employees of the accounts department were huddled in the conference room to … Continue reading

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Trevor’s Girlfriend Meets The Family

Trevor McPherson gingerly works the steering wheel and pedals of his dad’s car as he drives through the familiar suburban neighborhood approaching his home on a Friday evening in early October. He had just gotten his driver’s license a month … Continue reading

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Trevor’s Weekend Getaway With The Family

Damn it, I’m a freak, 15-year-old Trevor McPherson thought to himself in a simultaneous state of misery and euphoria, wiping beads of sweat off of his forehead while packed tightly in the backseat of the family car occupying the middle … Continue reading

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Breanna Goes Looking For Trouble And Finds It

Breanna Dirks sat at her booth in the small, cramped family steakhouse, feeling oddly nervous as she approached her fork to her mouth with one of her final bites of steak.  She had no real reason to be nervous, but … Continue reading

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Gretchen Turns 30

Resting peacefully on my bed, I was jerked awake in the wee hours of the night by the same sound I get awoken by nightly, often multiple times.  It was the fierce and merciless cough of a female only inches … Continue reading

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Educating the Prescott Girls

I didn’t know what to expect as I drove up the long cobblestone-lined driveway in outer suburbia to my job interview that mid-summer afternoon three years ago. But I did know that after two years of being a social studies … Continue reading

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