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MNSF #56. Bent-Elbow Blond Beauty Uses Bare Leg As Her Barstool

While my second day at the 2012 Minnesota State Fair was an above-average day overall, there was an extended mediocre period in the early afternoon, but one particularly impressive blond smoker kept the momentum alive during those hours….. From out … Continue reading

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MNSF #77. Beautiful Jean-Shorted Dark Brunette Bookends Outstanding Afternoon With Two Cigarettes

I had an amazing stretch of extra base hits in the late afternoon and early evening hours on my first day at the 2015 Minnesota State Fair.  The following sighting bookended those hours of greatness…. I walked around to the … Continue reading

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ISF #57. Blond “Depot” Worker Takes Smoke Break With Nonsmoking Guys

My second visit to the Iowa State Fair in 2012 was a half-day adventure after work one Wednesday that proved much more productive than the first day.  The first hour of the visit was already shaping up nicely and I … Continue reading

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FCF #49. Smoking Mommy Dances To The Possum

A brief but significant rainfall moistened conditions at the fairgrounds during the Friday evening festivities at my 2010 county fair, but when the sky finished cleansing itself of its moisture and the sun came back out I would get my … Continue reading

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Summerfest #1. A Perfect Blond Smoker In A Perfect Summerfest Outfit

After two decidedly mediocre nights at Summerfest 2009,  I went into fireworks night on the event’s closing Sunday with modest expectations.  Imagine my delight when I scored more than a half dozen impressive sightings in the 45 minutes before the … Continue reading

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#20. The Black Hills Dangling Queen In a Monster Truck

Every August I take a road trip to unexplored (at least for me) corners of the Upper Midwest or Great Plains.  I take these road trips primarily for the thrill of visiting new places, but it doesn’t hurt when you … Continue reading

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