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ISF #55. Ebony and Ivory Smoker Teens

My all-day Saturday safari to the 2009 Iowa State Fair did not come without setbacks, most namely the weather, but by and large the worst-case scenario was avoided.  With that said, a mid-afternoon drenching of rain could have become a … Continue reading

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ISF #69. Littering Wholesome Brunette Emerges From The Darkness

My Wednesday evening visit to the 2010 Iowa State Fair was another jackpot evening, but was largely bookended by greatness with an extended lull in the middle.  Thankfully, I scored the following sighting from this cutie at just the right … Continue reading

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FCF #52. Heavy-Smoking Wholesome Light Brunette And Her Unworthy Boyfriend

I left the Tuesday grandstand concert by country singer Josh Turner in the middle of his final song at the 2015 local county fair, hoping to get ahead of the exiting crowds.  The sea of humanity makes it hard to … Continue reading

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Mall #19. Badass Brunette Babe Draped In Black Leather Takes A Smoke Break

On an unusually warm 70-degree day in mid-November 2013, I was scoring a few very memorable sightings at central Iowa’s most upscale mall, but the best sighting of the day came in this off-course corner entrance that up until now … Continue reading

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#39. Two-For-One Sighting At The Casey’s Station

In April 2011, things were really starting to come alive for me in the sightings department.  I had just returned from a pretty decent sightings haul at the mall one Saturday afternoon, but little did I know that stopping at … Continue reading

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