ISF #100. Wholesome Young Light Brunette Smokes By Herself And Then Rejoins Nonsmoking Family

I had a really great day on my first day at the 2017 Iowa State Fair and it was the late afternoon hours when I really began to hit my stride, a burst of momentum that started at the edge of the midway with a stunner sighting. Striking an amazing pose leaning against the railing outside of the beer gardens fence all by herself, texting away on her phone and smoking a cigarette with nobody else around, was one of the more innocent-looking faces of the day, a curly-haired dark blond who could have passed for 17 but I figured she was at least 21 since she was hanging around this beer gardens. Making the scene even sweeter was that her clothes perfectly fit the wholesome presentation, with her white tanktop flowing into a pair of medium-blue jeans with holes in the knees. Hard to overstate just how girl-next-door she came across, corrupted only by the cork filter cigarette she was repeatedly dragging from. I got one semifrontal pic but given her isolation I had to stand to the side to get subsequent pics. None of them does full justice to her beauty, but I got a couple pics of her in mid-drag that nails her fantastic presentation.

I got to watch almost her entire cigarette, and while there was nothing distinctive about her style, seeing cigarette smoke casually flow from the mouth and nose from this sweet face as she texted made for one of my best images of the day. After about five minutes, she finished the cigarette and tossed it to the pavement, absolutely obliterating it with her shoe before heading back into the beer gardens. The sighting got some yummy additional context as she took a seat right behind the railing where she’d been standing in the company of her family, the only smoker in her group reeking of fresh tobacco and conversing with them, all with her pack of Marlboro Light Special Blends sitting in front of her on the table. I’d sure have loved to have seen more from this girl that day with some additional context for the family setting where she’s the only smoker, but that’s all I would get.

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