ISF #85. Smoking Blond Daughter To My Right And Wholesome Brunette Cutie Smoking With Guy Friends To My Left

Right around the epicenter of my late afternoon and early evening “sightings surge” on Day 1 of the 2017 Iowa State Fair, I scored a double-bang shot playing out simultaneously between two groups in the general vicinity of this semicircle of benches behind the grandstand. Capturing my attention first was this slightly chubby but adorable blond who looked about 19 or 20 and had two long braids flowing over her shoulders onto her white “Grandstand Staff” T-shirt and jean shorts on the bottom. She was sitting on this big rock with her bare legs crossed, smoking a cigarette while a friend waited and a middle-aged couple who I would quickly figure out were her parents sat across from her on a bench. The oddest but most delicious context of the sighting was that, like me, her mom was pointing a camera phone at her and seemed to be requesting that she pose holding her cigarette by her face. WTF! “Mom!”, she said in an understandably embarrassed tone. I’d love to have been able to overhear even more context from this but wouldn’t, instead just enjoying watching her smoke, taking a couple of pics of her and catching her just before her cigarette went into her mouth in one of them. After finishing the cigarette, she pulled her T-shirt off and revealed a skimpier tanktop underneath, which implied to me that her shift working for the grandstand had ended. Unfortunately, the removal of the T-shirt revealed a couple less-than-flattering tattoos on her arm, but it was still a nice show. However……

… my left an even better show was going on. The girl in question was an absolutely gorgeous dark brunette in a skimpy pale pink tanktop and equally perfect jean shorts, her smooth legs exposed from the upper thigh on down. Seeing this girl in isolation I’d have figured she was about 16 as she just exuded innocence and wholesomeness…and didn’t look AT ALL like a smoker. But she was in the company of a couple of older guys who looked about 21, so I figured she was likely closer to their age. It’s crazy how more and more women in their 20s still have the look of teenagers. I saw several instances of it yesterday, with this girl being the pinnacle of it. She was smoking to my left at the same time as the previous girl was smoking to my right, so it was a constant carcinogenic cloud show in both directions. The second girl put on the better show though, mostly just because of her soft look but her timely drags and dense, cloudy exhales didn’t hurt either. I had a hard time nailing a “perfect” photo but got what I figured were a few good ones. One of the guys in her group finished his cigarette first and the girl made a special point of insisting he toss the butt in the garbage can, so I figured that probably meant I’d be denied a butt ID when she finished hers.

The three of them walked off, the cigarette still on the final couple drags, and I thankfully followed to get a couple ass shots before she squeezed the cigarette out between her fingers and tossed it in the next garbage can. I say “thankfully” because when I looked later, I discovered all of my frontal photos of her were dark, just like most of the pics of one of my best girls was last year. Apparently the culprit is taking pics to the west at whatever the sun angle is at the 6 p.m. hour in August. It was highly unfortunate because, once again, pics were disgustingly dark of one of my hottest girls of the fair and it’s hard to make her out, let alone her cigarette. She was still one of my top-five sightings of the day though and combined with the blond fair worker the other direction, I was pleased with the show. On top of all that, there were two hot 19ish girls in between them who were vaping. Vaping does nothing for me, but that was still a lot of girls in a very narrow area doing naughty stuff.

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