ISF #82. Dark Brunette Classic Beauty Annihilates Newport 100 In Front Of Nonsmoking Friends

I kept encountering detours of the best kind as I attempted to enter the midway on the first day at the 2014 Iowa State Fair right around 8 p.m. and made another shot at entering when I looked to the bathroom area at the edge of the midway on the southwest side that I was once again detoured in the best possible way. Yet another group of three guys and two girls were hovering there and I saw from afar that the epic beauty of the group was taking a pack of Newport 100s out of her purse. Iowa State Fair midway, you are gonna have to wait again!

I hustled into a perfect stalking post only a feet few in front of the group against the wall and watched this gorgeous brunette extract a cigarette from her pack.   She was the most beautiful girl of the day, probably about 23 with very dark features to the point that I wondered if she had some Middle Eastern heritage despite looking generally caucasian. She was the shortest in her group at about 5’4” and the only smoker, decked out in a neon pink top and dark blue jeans. She had the look of a long-time heavy smoker and her technique matched the look as she placed the long Newport in her mouth and lit up. If there was any lingering doubt that there was something special about this girl, it vanished when she fired up and did an astounding triple pump dangle off of the light-up, gulping down three shots of tar and nicotine into her lungs before removing the cigarette and cutting loose with a skyward exhale that was cloudy as all hell….

There wouldn’t be any other drags quite that incredible, but her second drag also consisted of a dangling drag and as the shortest person in the group, her skyward exhale managed to whack one of the nonsmoking dudes squarely in the face. I couldn’t have been more content with my location here and settled in for a long show. It was approaching dusk so the two photos I took are a little blurry, and she was on the inside of her group and both photos were a little too crowded, but I did capture her in mid-drag in one of them. Her drags were all substantial, were all nicely paced, and her exhales all above-average in cloudiness, but there was one thing that didn’t fit…..the cigarette just kept on keeping on. I have no idea how she made it last as long as she did as her drags were hard and frequent, but she kept hitting that cigarette for yet another nicotine jolt every 30 seconds or so for an astoundingly long time.

She eventually dropped the cigarette and crushed it out in front of her, right in the middle of this mixed-gender friends group where she was the only smoker. It’s a good thing I saw she was smoking a Newport 100 before she lit up because the group wasn’t going anywhere for quite some time. I finally gave up and made that long-delayed midway run, and finally about three-quarters way through I saw this group inside the midway, especially that unmistakable dark brunette beauty in the memorable neon pink top, ready to enjoy the midway after filling her body with the nastiest chemicals she can legally consume.

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