ISF #92. Littering Wholesome Brunette Emerges From The Darkness

My Wednesday evening visit to the 2010 Iowa State Fair was another jackpot evening, but was largely bookended by greatness with an extended lull in the middle.  Thankfully, I scored the following sighting from this cutie at just the right time to break up those empty hours…

I had just left a bandshell concert by country singer David Nail with great timing to score the best sighting of those dreary midevening hours where quality sightings were sparse.  It was well after dark by now and for the most part, the south side seating area empties out because there is very little lighting.  However, the darkness often works to my favor as underage girls sometimes sneak onto the benches in the area to smoke a cigarette.  Such was the case that night with a duo of thuggish 17ish boyfriends in the company of an ugly, overweight girl….and a 17ish brunette who I could identify as having the face and body of an angel even in that dark corner of the grounds.  The guys were standing to the side of the bench, while the girls were snapping cutesy photos of each other with their cameras.  The cute girl’s shoulder-length brown hair flowed past her shoulders onto a white tanktop, with an adorably small denim miniskirt on the bottom.  The girl’s smooth legs were crossed in the most feminine way with a cigarette protruding from her fingers close to those awesome legs.  There were tons of open benches for me to sit and watch the show, and I did just that, with the primary light being provided by the glow of the cell phone camera, the illumination from her smooth legs, and of course, the cherry glow whenever she took a drag from her cigarette….

The group got up to leave before they were done smoking, heading back to the main concourse.  My cute girl was in the back of the line checking her cell phone for messages.  I was watching from afar knowing she was near the end of her cigarette.  Adorably, she just tossed the butt uncrushed near some shrubbery around the benches, potentially creating a serious fire hazard in a dry period.  Even with the dark conditions, the light from the still-smoldering cigarette allowed me to identify it as a cork-filter Camel Menthol.  I had to catch up and see what this girl looked like in the light after only seeing her from afar in the dark up to that point.  Approaching from behind, I was amazed at how perfectly that denim miniskirt fit her, and when I finally got around to seeing her face, it lived up to expectations completely.  This was the kind of teenage girl who was the prototypical innocent face of the state fair.  Take away the cigarette and she could have been a model used in the State Fair’s TV commercial.  What a cutie…and I’d see her later in the huddle of teenagers in the middle of the grounds, only not smoking this time.

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