ISF #48. Underage Female Odd Couple Repeatedly Struts Down Concourse With Cigarettes

It was now around 6:00 on Day 1 of the 2017 Iowa State Fair and the evening was about to bust wide open. Whenever I started venturing one direction, I’d run into a smoker hottie that would lead me back in the direction I came from. It was a good problem to have! And rarely better than when I walked into an oncoming duo of teen girls on the concourse, most likely the two youngest smokers I saw that day. The girls looked 17 or 18 and were shameless about strutting down the center of the concourse, amidst hundreds of other fairgoers, with cigarettes in hand. Jumping out at me most was the girl to the left, whose long auburn hair flowed over her shoulders onto her black tanktop. Below the waist she wore this crazy short pair of pale blue cutoffs, so short that you could see her ass dimples, with long, smooth legs flowing out. She had an unfortunate tattoo on her right thigh, and anybody who has read my writeups in the past knows I’m not a fan, but the rest of her presentation was so sultry I barely noticed the tattoo and was able to block it out.

The friend was a more girl-next-door type, still quite cute and looking less like a smoker of the two, with bookish glasses and light brown hair flowing onto a pink top with black leggings on the bottom. The two complemented each other nicely image-wise, but the one thing they had in common was a shameless dependency on nicotine, taking regular drags on their cigarettes as they walked. As hard as it is to get pics generally, it’s even harder walking rapidly to people’s sides in a crowd and nailing a pic in motion, but I managed a couple decent ones, and one pic in particular that captures both of them. I caught several of their drags after I surrendered the photo-taking, ultimately following them to behind some vendor booths where the hottie of the duo dropped her cork-filter butt to the ground and didn’t bother to crush it out. The debris she littered was an oddball variation of Marlboro with a neon green print. Maybe it’s a menthol version of Marlboro Blacks…not sure. By the time I caught up with them, the brunette’s cigarette was nowhere to be seen. Great show…and not the last I’d see from them!

I ventured down the alleyway past a set of bathrooms about 15 minutes later and towards the end of the alley I came across a couple of familiar youthful faces, the most striking of which being that sexpot 17ish chick in the daisy dukes strutting down the concourse with cigarette in hand only about 15 minutes earlier with her friend. Well here they were again, seated in the grass next to each other and looking at their phones. Only one of them was smoking this time, but it was the right girl….that sexy little auburn-haired cutie with those impossibly long legs coming out of the equally impossibly short shorts. Her elbow was covering the tattoo on her thigh nicely as I proceeded to snap a few more pics, a couple of them with her in mid-drag. It was approaching dark and the photos were blurrier than I’d prefer but it was nice to get a couple more shots of her and see her smoking another cigarette so quickly after her first. Still, no chance of a girl her age giving me a third show later in the evening, right? Right? We’ll see.

The concourse would deliver one more time in a major way as I headed westward at about 8:15 and stumbled into a girl who had already delivered in a major way…twice. It was my 17ish auburn-haired chain-smoking sex kitten in the daisy duke cutoffs doing her favorite thing again….smoking yet another cigarette, at least her third in just a little more than an hour. The cute but nerdy looking friend in the black leggings was still with her, but just like the previous time she was not smoking herself. This show belonged entirely to the hottie with the shorts so short I was watching her ass dimples wiggle with each step. It was so damn sexy to see her so confidently strut down the packed concourse dragging from her cigarette repeatedly and exhaling with a devil-may-care attitude. I got in on about seven more nicely paced drags before she dropped the cork-filter cigarette with the neon green Marlboro logo to the pavement, again failing to crush it out. There was no doubt the first time I saw this duo smoking they’d be high on my list of favorites for the day, but having seen three cigarettes from my favorite of the two was enough to get her up to my third favorite sighting of the day.

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