MNSF #153. My “Lucky Number” Glam Brunette Lights Up My World

My first day of fairgrounds fetishing that stands out as a modern-day epic came at the 2006 Minnesota State Fair.  I had been fetishing the state fairgrounds for several years already at that point, but that was the first day I had no distractions or sidetracks and was able to dedicate a full 12 hours to sightings, and the day delivered in spades.  It was also the first day that I began my now long-standing practice of memorizing the serial numbers of my quality sightings, which of course is now a rite-of-passage for my fairgrounds writeups.  I had already scored several impressive sightings by early afternoon but made a mental note that I was hoping for something good when I got my “lucky number”, the 27th sightings of the day.

I was near the food building, where quality sightings have been known to occur in the commons area once people finish scarfing up their junk food, and I took a particular interest in a group of three 19-20ish hotties all dolled up and seated on the back bench near the Skyride. They were still eating, but I had a feeling about them, so I did a quick loop up the block in the hope that when I returned, they’d have extracted their “desserts” from their purses.  They were getting up to leave just as I got back. My eyes were fixated on the two dark blonds in the group who seemed the most likely smokers of the bunch but they did not appear to have tobacco in their presence.  And right when I was about to give up, I noticed the brunette in the group was wielding an all-white that seemed to come out of nowhere

As the three girls left the spot, the brunette was throwing her empty pack of Marlboro Lights away (I hope she had more in her purse!!!). All three girls were dolled up in flattering State Fair-esque attire, and this brunette’s blue tanktop and denim mini-skirt certainly fit the bill.  I followed the girls at a comfortable distance for the duration of her cigarette and enjoyed the brunette smoker’s every exhale while admiring her body in that sexy summer outfit. She crushed out the cigarette on the sidewalk before entering some “Eco-System” water stand that offered samples of free bottled water. I waited outside for the girls to exit, hoping to see more tobacco consumption, but when they left and didn’t spark up, I knew I’d have to settle for the one sighting. Still, another first-rate performance, and one that I really valued since I had to work for it and was duly rewarded.  And interestingly, after several years of attaching serial numbers to my sightings, this brunette remains the best girl of any fetishing day that was my #27 sighting of the day.

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