MNSF #134. A Stinky Teen Sister Act Lights Up A Gloomy Morning

The morning hours of my first day visit to the 2012 Minnesota State Fair occurred amidst the ominous backdrop of rain forecasted.  I was very concerned that the day would go completely off the rails, but it never really did.  Even with the lurking presence of rain, those morning hours were shockingly productive for quality sightings, and the best of them came as I walked up and down the beer gardens block during the 11 a.m. hour, even though I came dangerously close to missing it.

I hadn’t even taken note of a trio of two girls and a guy as I walked right past them, but could smell smoke in the air and couldn’t identify its source until I turned around.  Whoa!  I was immediately hit with the image of a petite 15-16ish wholesome brunette girl with a cigarette.  It took me a moment to process this before I looked past her to see an older brunette who looked about 18 and was almost definitely the younger girl’s big sister given how much alike they looked, and she was also smoking.  The only one who wasn’t smoking was the blond guy who I figured was the older sister’s boyfriend.  How adorable!  A stinky sister act!

Now both girls were cute but it needs to be said that the reason I missed them on the first pass is that neither had any tangible IT factor and both were dressed very utilitarian in T-shirt and capris.  The older sister was cuter and was about a 7.5 while the younger sister was more like a 6.  Neither one looked like a smoker though and seeing this open display of tobacco consumption by the two of them was quite a vision.  The younger girl was obviously a rookie, taking frequent and shallow drags with minimalist exhales.  The older girl was an infrequent dragger but clearly had smoked for longer as her drags and cloudy exhales suggested.  Who knows if this blond guy walking through the fair with these smelly sisters is a fetisher or not, but it would be a damn shame if he isn’t and doesn’t realize what a lucky bastard he is.

Adorably, the younger girl finished her cigarette first due to her frequent dragging and crushed it out on the grass as the trio watched the extreme rides from the ground.  I had no problem identifying her butt, a Camel Blue, but was holding out for the older girl as well.  While waiting, I managed an above-average photo of the two of them, but the trio drifted to a difficult spot to maneuver where the brunette finished her cigarette and I was unable to find the butt. Clearly if these two had IT factor, they’d have been zooming up to the upper reaches of my MNSF archives.  As it stands, the pedigree of the sighting had enough going for it that it was still among my top-5 of the day.

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