MNSF #104. Early 20s Brunette With The Weathered Look Of A Long-Time Heavy Smoker Mutilates Her Cigarette

I was about to begin a string of greatness around the 5 p.m. hour of my first-rate Day 1 at the 2016 Minnesota State Fair, working my way back to the smoking area east of the grandstand.  The smoking area was about as crowded as it would get for the entire day, with a mixed-gender cluster of mid-20s smokers drawing my attention most of the bunch.  There was a duo of modestly attractive smoker girls in the mix, one blond and one brunette, but as I circled the group I noticed the sexiest girl in the mix was not smoking, instead distracted by her phone as she hovered amongst the male and female smokers in the group.  But how could this be, I thought to myself as I looked her up and down, as I’ve never seen a girl who looked more like a heavy smoker in my life.  She was a long-haired light brunette in a dress with a black top half and a purplish pastel bottom that hung nearly to the ground.  I shook my head in disappointment that she wasn’t smoking as I drifted around the smoking area to see if anything else was shaking.  I was only gone about 30 seconds before I returned to the aforementioned group, but this time there was an additional smoker amongst them…..the light brunette in the feminine dress who had a freshly lit cigarette between her fingers.  Now she looked a little more at home as a face like hers just didn’t seem right without a cigarette sticking out of it.  And her smoking performance would help explain why a girl so pretty has such obvious heavy smoker features….

She mutilated that cigarette, standing near the ashtray and ashing directly over it frequently, as was necessary with as fiercely as she was attacking the cigarette and producing more ash!  The optics were incredible as this particular spot is quite breezy and her long dress was whipping in the wind in the back as she smoked while pressing tightly against her front side where the breeze was coming from.  But what the breeze was doing to her wardrobe paled in comparison to what the breeze was doing to her smoke….and I happened to be standing right in the path of it.  As if watching her take those repeated, intense six-second drags wasn’t satisfying enough, getting splashed by her windswept exhales as they exited her face was gravy on the top of this state fair platter.  In one instance in particular, I instinctively wiped my face in the aftermath of one of her exhales thinking the tar from her black lungs may have splattered all over my face.  To my knowledge it didn’t, but if any girl was capable of it, it was her.  I took a couple of photos but only one turned out.  Thankfully it’s a good one as she’s just about to drag and you can really appreciate her outfit and her weathered beauty queen heavy smoker face.  I’d liked to have captured a more casual pic of her between drags but have to be satisfied with what I was able to muster.

Apparently making sure she didn’t leave one trigger unturned on my arsenal, she cut loose a juicy lugie onto the grass towards the end of her cigarette, moments before tossing the butt into the community ashtray where I would regrettably not get a butt ID.  I was riding high after this one and it would have one more adorable moment as I began to walk away.  I didn’t hear the context of the conversation but one of the guys was using his fingers to prop open her left eye and look it over upon her request, subjecting his fingers to her nicotine-stained face.  Either she got a bug or something stuck in the eye…..or all that cigarette smoke was beginning to take its toll on her vision.  Outstanding sighting…and one of the best examples ever of a young beauty who looks like a long-time very heavy smoker.

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