MNSF #95. Teen Daughter With Braided Blond Pigtails Dangles Her Cigarette Standing Next To Mom

Noon had come and gone on my first day at the 2017 Minnesota State Fair with nothing too memorable to be found yet, but my luck was about to change shortly after noon. I’d get my first great sighting of the day in the designated smoking area east of the grandstand, which has been the most productive of the designated smoking areas over the years. Productive as it can be, more often than not I walk by and it’s nothing but old people smoking there, so much so that I’m pleasantly surprised when I come across someone young and cute, and that was certainly the case as I came upon a mother-daughter sighting featuring this standout 19ish daughter, whose long blond hair was hanging over her shoulders in braids. She was quite tall, wearing a black sweatshirt and a pair of shorts with a black and white pattern that showcased her nice long legs. Right off the bat it was refreshing to see a pretty young face in that smoking area filling her lungs with poisons, particularly in the presence of mom, but her performance raised the show to an entirely different level as I got to see some really nice dangles from the girl as she attended to her bag and purse.

The daughter was carrying her pack of Marlboro Menthols in a Ziploc bag (for some reason) and was monkeying around with that and shuffling a few other things around, occasionally but not too frequently conversing with her unattractive mother. Her smoking style generally was average but whatever compulsion led her to mess around with her purse while smoking was working to my advantage on the three separate occasions she parked that cigarette in her mouth and dangled for an extended period. I took several pics and captured her in mid-dangle twice. It was a solid five-minute show and the daughter finished her cigarette before mom, heading to the community ashtray to deposit her butt, so I was grateful I saw the pack of Marlboro Menthols she was holding in the Ziploc bag earlier since I wouldn’t get a formal butt ID. It was nice to have a quality sighting in the can so early in the day, which is no guarantee at any fair day, and it would be the first of an impressive four mother-daughter sightings over the course of the next few hours, and this was my favorite of the four.

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