MNSF #127. Reds-Smoking Beauties Hold Nonsmoking Boyfriends On Short Leash

Things were uncharacteristically slow during 7 p.m. hour that first evening at the 2013 Minnesota State Fair, and alarmingly so given how productive the hour usually is, but I’d finally strike gold as it approached 8:00 and I walked near the International Bazaar area again.   If one is lucky, there are a few moments every day at the fair where they witness from afar that perfect combination of blissful feminine beauty and cigarettes, and last night I got to see it in duplicate.  Standing in a grassy area a few feet in front of the Bazaar’s entrance was a group of five that included two bombshell 19-20ish girls wielding cigarettes.

There was a wide open bench directly in front of them and I rapidly approached for a front-row seat, but made eyes with another dude in my age range who was about to take the bench for himself….but I beat him to the punch and was in no mood for chivalry.  Sorry buddy….you snooze, you lose!  And in this case he did lose out big-time because these girls were positively gorgeous, and I couldn’t get over how the two girls were the only smokers in the group of five, with all these studly dudes to their left forced to stand there and endure the stench, and in a smoking-forbidden area at that.  It was right at the threshold of dusk and I was very lucky to be sitting so close because I was able to take a solid pic with my camera phone without needing the flash.  It was definitely gonna be my last photo of the night, and I was so grateful to be able to score it.  With the photo accounted for, it was time to sit back and watch the show….

Unfortunately, I missed the majority of the show, but still had three drags each to observe.  Like so many girls on the day, these girls were above-average smokers.  There were no stylistic flourishes but it was obvious just by the intensity of their drags and the cloudiness of their exhales that they were regular smokers with substantial habits.  The first girl was a dark blond with shoulder length hair and a sweet girl-next-door face.  She was wearing a black top and a pair of white shorts with a tan flower print that very nicely framed her frontal feminine assets (and undoubtedly her rear assets as well, but it was her crotch that was in my line of vision).

If she had been the only girl in the sighting, it still would have been among my top-five of the day, but standing across from her was a brunette who managed to upstage her.  This girl was a knockout, with long dark brown hair flowing over her shoulders onto a navy blue tanktop with a pair of tight white shorts below.  For the two minutes or so that the show lasted, I was in heaven, and can’t really say which girl was the better smoker as they were both about even.

The blond was the first to take a final drag before dropping her cigarette to the pavement and crushing it out.  Within seconds, the brunette gave the marching orders to the pussy-whipped boys with pink lungs, rhetorically asking “ready to go inside?” as she progressed towards the entrance of the International Bazaar still wielding her cigarette and the rest of the group obediently followed.  I hoped to see a replay of an earlier sighting that day where the girl went inside the Bazaar still wielding her cigarette, but just before the threshold of the entrance, the brunette dropped the cigarette to the pavement and half-heartedly crushed it out.  As they went inside, I swooped in to identify both butts.  They were both Marlboro Reds, giving the already impressive duo of hot chicks that much more badass sex appeal.  This duo reminded me aesthetically of last year’s MNSF #65 duo, even though they might have been a little hotter than those two.  Unfortunately because of the limited length of the encounter here, they won’t end up ranking as high in my greatest hits list.

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