MNSF #108. Shapely Blond Smoker Does Marilyn Monroe Pose Near Misting Machine

I was pleasantly surprised at the luck I was having scoring above-average sightings on my first day at the 2013 Minnesota State Fair, and the good fortune continued even when I made a questionable mid-afternoon trek up to the north side of the grounds, which is a 20-minute round trip.  As I walked past two of the north side’s designated smoking areas and saw nothing, I thought I made a big mistake.  But lo and behold, sitting on a bench by themselves was a 21ish couple that included a nonsmoking good ol’ boy and his bombshell blond girlfriend with a freshly lit cigarette protruding from her fingers.

She was a total sexpot, decked out in a gray tanktop that stretched out in the chest from her impressive set of boobs that looked real but were disproportionately plentiful for her slender body.  Below the waist was even better with her tight pair of blue and white shorts with a long pair of smooth and slender folded legs underneath.  It was one of the sexiest images I’d seen all day and the fact that a cigarette was being smoked by the girl responsible for this profile made this one of my top-five sightings of the day.  Facially, the girl was very pretty but with defined weathered smoker girl features that helped a little more with her sex appeal.  She looked like a more sexed-up version of this Jerrica girl I dated two years ago, also a heavy smoker.

There was no place to observe close, but I leaned against a tree and got a few photos that aren’t bad at all when I zoom in as I can do on my new phone.  More importantly, I just watched the show.  While blondie didn’t necessarily have any distinguishing characteristics to her smoking, she was still above-average stylistically with drags, exhales, and a natural presence with a cigarette that was really sexy.  She fiddled around with her phone with the cigarette protruding from her fingers for several moments and it was nice to get off my feet and watch this from a reasonably close distance.  It also wasn’t wasted on me that the boyfriend next to her exposed to all this secondhand smoke was not a smoker himself.

At this point, the sighting took an unexpected turn as a middle-aged couple approached.  None of them were smoking but just by looking at the woman it was pretty obvious she was the blond smoker’s mother.  The young couple got up and started walking with the older couple and I was eager to follow long enough to ID the butt from her discarded cigarette. I also welcomed the opportunity to get a good look at her awesome ass in those form-fitting shorts as she walked.

They wouldn’t make it easy for me though with two detours, the first of which added a new dimension of yumminess to the sighting.  There was some sort of mist machine that was spraying a cool wet mist upon the family.  When it was blondie’s turn to stand directly in front of the machine, she struck a pose like Marilyn Monroe did when the floor vent blew her skirt up as mild comic relief for the family and boyfriend.  Seeing this pretty girl with her hair blowing in the wind and a cigarette next to her beautifully framed lower body was definitely the high point of a sighting that already impressed the hell out of me.

The family progressed southward from there, and I continued to see girlie working on what little remained of that cigarette and couldn’t believe she kept the thing going for as long as she did given how hard she was dragging on it.  And I was very concerned about losing the butt when they detoured again to see this old car next to a bar and grill.  But I spotted her dropping the butt in a remote location and all that was left to do now was await their departure and ID the butt.  But for all my effort there was nothing left to identify as she smoked the damn thing right down to the filter.  I’m thinking it was a Newport but can’t know for sure.

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