MNSF #93. Late Teen Smoker Duo In Insanely Short Shorts Give Me A Smoky Peep Show

In the late afternoon hours of my first day at the 2014 Minnesota State Fair, I made one of my usual walking scans along the east side of the Coliseum building where a lot of smokers take a break in the afternoon shade but every attempt I was making to leave the area was sidetracked by the revelation of a new smoker girl.  I had already tried and failed at my first attempt to leave the area and explore elsewhere and I was about to try and fail again.  This time, as I headed northward I spotted two pretty young 18-19-year-old girls holding unlit cigarettes approach the back wall of the Coliseum to smoke their cigarettes in as isolated of a location as possible…

The girls wasted no time resting against the Coliseum wall when the brunette in the tie-dye T-shirt and short jean shorts got out her lighter and flicked her cigarette to life.  The dark blond in the black tanktop and white shorts next to her, who already had her greedy hand sticking out, wasted no time taking the lighter and flicking her own cigarette to life.  While neither girl would be “the hottest girl on campus” per se, they were both sexpots in their own way, pretty girl-next-door types who you’d never expect to smoke this day and age in the brutally inhospitable smoking climate of Minnesota.  The relatively small numbers of young smoker girls I saw yesterday made them all the more scrumptious and I wasted no time snapping pics.  After taking two pics that included both girls in the process of lighting up, however, I got a message that my photo album had reached its capacity and I’d have to delete existing photos to take additional ones.  This was my cue to simply cross the street and take a bench overlooking them to enjoy the show, and what a show it was….

The girls were fast-paced and accomplished smokers, both hitting their nicotine targets copiously and feeding their fresh young bodies with cancerous tobacco and tar.  The brunette was a slightly better smoker, producing cloudier exhales that burst out of her mouth and exploded like fireworks in front of her face.  But the blond had more IT factor, smoking almost as nicely but winning me over with her more perfectly slender figure and her skimpy white shorts, which for me will always be a tiebreaker in favor of the white shorts wearer.  Less than a minute into the sighting, a young mother added some color to the sighting by wheeling her baby by in a stroller.  I was now across the street and couldn’t see how little the baby was, but the smoker girls went into full internal clock-ticking mode, oohing and aahing over the baby, with the mother making brief small talk with the foul-smelling teen girls as she walked past them, exposing her baby to the immediate presence of the girls’ carcinogenic exhales.  After that sideshow passed, the girls kept smoking at a refreshingly fast pace, a haze of smoke hovering in front of both of their faces, especially the brunette’s whose exhales were heavier in general.  I would have loved to have been sitting in front of them with my face right in the middle of that haze, but doing so would have prevented me from experiencing the upside of my long-distance view, which also produced something very special….

The proliferation of really short shorts has been one of the best developments of humankind in the last decade or so, and rarely was that more obvious than with these girls, who were both leaning up against the wall with their legs bent at the knee to form an upside-down V.  From my vantage point, this positioning combined with the microscopic nature of their shorts gave me a perfect view of their calves right up to their ass dimples, and their well-toned teenage flesh couldn’t have looked more perfect.  With both the brunette’s jean shorts and the blond’s white shorts, it felt like I was mere centimeters from a peep show of their girly parts, which was extremely exhilarating…

The girls wrapped up their cigarettes in less than five minutes, scaring me as they stubbed them out against the cement and proceeded towards the garbage can to dispose of them.  I watched their perfect asses drift away but crossed the street to check out that trash can in hopes of butt identification (other type of butts!).  I had thought I saw blond filters on the girls’ cigarettes as they approached, and sure enough right on top of the trash were two Camel Turkish Royal cigarette butts, albeit with slightly different coloring on the butts indicating there are different variations on the Turkish Royals and each girl smoked a different type.  I sped up my walking pace in hopes of catching up with them but they were a little too fast and I lost them, breaking my heart.  It was a little worrying how few girls their age were smoking that day, and it made me nervous that Minnesota’s high cigarette prices were having an effect in slashing smoker rates among this demographic, particularly wholesome-appearing girls like these.  But it was refreshing to see girls like these two keeping the tobacco tradition relevant and dressing as sexy as humanly possible while doing so.

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