MNSF #97. Removal Of Hoodie Reveals Epic Blond Smoking Beauty

My time was getting short with the final half hour of fetish time upon me on my second and final night at the 2013 Minnesota State Fair, but the evening still had a couple great moments left for me.  The rain earlier in the night had played havoc in several different ways, but nonetheless led to a few exotic happy-ending  moments that played out, including this sighting that took place outside the west side of the grandstand.  As I was perusing the perimeter of the area, I happened upon a couple who were both lighting up cigarettes.  The guy had a shaved head and looked kind of generic and approaching middle age.  The girl had a cute face and awesome legs coming out of incredibly hot pale blue cutoffs, but a hoodie covered up everything else.  The rain had by this time ended, but she was still covered up completely as if it was coming down in buckets.  I could tell her face was quite cute but even that was mostly obstructed but the tightly wound hoodie, so there was a mysterious sexiness about her, especially as that cigarette approached her lips.

While the anecdotal evidence was that she was pretty hot, I couldn’t bring myself to get too excited because the guy seemed as ordinary joe as they came and surely the girl underneath this hoodie had to have been some 40-year-old who simply had a nice lower body in tight-fitting cutoffs.  I didn’t look away long, but I must have absent-mindedly looked elsewhere for a couple of seconds, because when I returned my focus on the couple, everything had changed.  The hood of the sweatshirt was off….and a truly gorgeous early 20s blond was underneath.  I have no idea why a girl like this was with the shaved head guy….but way to go shaved head guy for landing her!  Suddenly a sighting that was mysterious and fun, but with an expectation of disappointment, had exceeded even my wildest expectations by light years.  And she was wholesome as hell too…..the kind of girl nobody would expect to be a smoker in modern times….

Her back was turned towards me for a bit and I couldn’t help myself from walking over there as I wanted to see her face as she exhaled.  And boy was it worth it.  I took a glance as she was dragging and she made eyes with me at the exact moment she expelled a blast of smoke straight forward from her gorgeous mouth.  She was hands-down the most beautiful smoker girl of the day.  I retook my original seat as she became more cooperative in smoking with her face in my line of vision.  I licked my lips and wished I could still get a picture of this beautiful long-haired blond with the tight and skimpy cutoffs, the long, smooth legs, and the cigarette in her hand.  The boyfriend was preoccupied with his phone while she smoked (there’s a gender switch for you!) and she finished a little before he did, crushing her cigarette out on the wet pavement and scaring me as she approached the garbage can with it and tossed it.  I really wanted a butt ID on this one but it wasn’t looking optimistic.

In a minute or so, the boyfriend crushed his cigarette out but didn’t throw his in the trash, and the couple walked off into the night.  I approached the boyfriend’s cigarette first figuring they smoked the same brand, and his was a Marlboro Smooth.  But then I looked to the garbage can and noticed it was overflowing.  There was a chance her cigarette butt was still resting atop that trash pile.  And as I approached, sure enough….there was a cork filter sitting there on the lip of a cup. And it was not the boyfriend’s brand.  She was smoking a Newport.  This was my second sighting in a row that had positive surprise developments halfway through that turned it into a blog-worthy masterpiece.  Maybe the rain isn’t so bad after all!

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