MNSF #88. College Girl Group Puts On Rudest Smoking Display I’ve Seen

At around 8 p.m. on my second night at the 2013 Minnesota State Fair, I was scoring sightings at a blistering pace but was a little disappointed at the lack of truly memorable material I had scored during the day, but the closest thing I had gotten in hours to that holy grail smoking moment played out in the final moments before the rain started falling, and would ultimately be my third best sighting of the day.  It was a sighting that involved a lot of players, some connected and some not, and it all happened in the seating area outside the east side of the grandstand, which unlike the west side, is not a designated smoking area.

Catching my eye first was a cute redheaded young mother with a stroller next to her sitting down for a smoke break.  She wasn’t good enough to warrant a writeup by herself but eventually played a minor role in the sighting’s outcome.  Anyway, after her, I looked across the pavement about 10 yards to the berm area that works as a makeshift seating area, and was now most likely populated by people preparing to go into the Macklemore concert which had yet to start and looked likely to be complicated by rain at this point.  And there were three college-age girls sitting next to each other, two of whom had cigarettes.  And the most mediocre of the three, a brunette in a red tanktop and black shorts, was handing her cigarette to the hottest girl of the three, a dark-complected ponytailed brunette in a zebra-striped top and white shorts.  The third girl was a redhead who was decently cute.  I had first assumed she was part of the group, but it quickly became clear she just happened to be another addicted young smoking female sitting next to the other two addicted young smoking females.  Almost immediately, the redhead spotted me sneaking peeks her direction and I knew I couldn’t linger in this awkward area for long.  But thankfully, the other two girls got up and moved, allowing me to move with them and leading to what became a much more memorable sighting….

They moved to the same general area where the young redheaded mom sat, only up a small trio of steps and hovering on a railing behind her.  The ponytailed dark brunette was in possession of the cigarette and I was lucky enough to stand just a few feet to her left watching the show and remaining anonymous while doing so.  Standing up, it was clear this girl had a spectacular body, and most specifically a spectacular ass.  There’s nothing sexier that a girl with a nice ass can wear than a pair of white shorts that hug her curves, and this girl clearly appears to understand that.  It was almost dark but I was close enough to snap a pic without it being as blurry as it would have been from a distance, and her awesome ass glows like a beacon of white purity in the photo.  As for the smoking, the girl had skills, with nice long drags and a memorably exaggerated exhale, where she stopped to pause and then forcefully expelled the smoke with enough internal wind power that it looked like she was trying to blow up a balloon.  She did this after every drag and it was very cute.  I was a little bummed when she handed the friend the cigarette because the friend wasn’t nearly as attractive, but what the friend lacked in beauty she made up for with sheer bad behavior….

I’m always really turned on by rude, careless, and inconsiderate behavior by young smoker girls, and this friend of hers exhibited some of the worst I’ve seen.  Her smoking style was decidedly mediocre but that became a distant memory for me seconds after the first drag when she reclaimed the cigarette as she leaned forward over the railing and spit a lugie right onto the cement where people sat.  The aforementioned redheaded mother was still smoking, only a couple feet away from where the spitter’s lugie landed.  Somebody inevitably sat down on that spot and got an assful of this girl’s saliva as a souvenir.  And yet another player was now a part of this sighting as three more college-age girls were now standing on the other side of the railing talking to this sighting’s two stars.  One girl, an attractive Asian girl in a dress, was smoking too while chatting with who I presume were her Macklemore concert-going friends.   The cigarette continued to get passed back and forth between the brunette with the white shorts and the rude friend to her right.  And the smorgasbord of obnoxious female smoking behavior ended with a dual act of obnoxiousness….

The Asian girl on the other side of the railing smashed her Marlboro Light out right on the cement seating area, leaving the butt standing straight up where people sit in the moments before they left.  Even worse, the mediocre brunette to my right got the final drag from the shared cigarette and tossed her smoldering cigarette over the railing where it landed right there in the seating area, again only a couple of feet from that redheaded mother.  It fascinates me that there are smoker girls out there with this bad of manners, but it’s sexy as hell to witness.  Unfortunately, as I scurried around to locate the smoldering butt, the rising wind in the moments before rainfall blew it away, so I never got a butt ID.  Somewhere in that cement area, however, a burning cigarette was rolling around just waiting to cause some luckless a fairgoer a flesh wound while they were fleeing the rain that began only seconds later.

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