MNSF #84. Brunette Smoking Beauty Forced To Sit Apart From Embarrassed Nonsmoking Family

It was the late afternoon hours on my first day at the 2014 Minnesota State Fair, and I was perusing near a fairly desolate and heavily shrubbed smoking area on the east side of the fairgrounds where I had scored a decent sighting about an hour earlier.  Well it delivered again as I saw this beautiful dark brunette seated on a bench next to a building all by herself smoking a cigarette.  She was a knockout, a classic beauty with shoulder-length dark brown hair who didn’t look at all like a smoker.  Venturing a guess, I’d say she was 21 give or take a year.  I only had one problem with watching this sighting play out but it was a fairly serious one.  The bench she was seated on resembled a patio attached to a building and there was a landscaping fence surrounding her.  If I went inside the “patio” I’d really be encroaching upon her space, especially since she was the only one in there.  But by standing outside looking in I was also awkwardly positioned and unable to get close enough to take a decent photo or watch her entire body at work while she smoked.  I stayed outside and leered in, not without being noticed of course, but it was entirely worth it for the show I was about to get….

As beautiful as this girl was, she was even more beautiful with a cigarette in her mouth, and for the next five minutes she cooperated beautifully with fierce and well-timed drags followed by monstrously cloudy exhales that filled the sky around her with a stinky haze.  Everything about her presentation was the epitome of feminine until she shook it up–twice–with something I didn’t see coming.  She leaned to her right and let a big juicy lugie drip from her mouth once in the middle of her cigarette and once toward the end.  Between the lighting and the awkward positioning, I only managed a distant, mediocre photo that failed to capture her uber-feminine essence, meaning I went out of my way to savor the live version, watching drag after delicious drag followed by those steamy exhales….

I was hoping for a butt ID but had a bad feeling, and the bad feeling was vindicated as she leaned down and crushed out the cigarette on the pavement, and then proceeded to insert the butt into an empty black pack.  I always thought it was a little odd that this girl was all by herself and figured she must work inside the building that she was sitting just outside, and as she headed towards the side entrance I figured my instinct must be right, but she was just dropping the empty pack of cigarettes into the trash can right by the entrance.  Nonetheless, my other observation of how odd it was for this beauty to be at the fair by herself was about to be vindicated….

In the biggest surprise turn of any sighting in quite awhile, the smoker then proceeded three benches down and met up with two nonsmoking gals sitting there that I figured must be her mother and younger sister, who are apparently too embarrassed to be seen publicly with their flesh and blood, no matter how beautiful she is, when she’s doing her stinky smoking and spitting routine.  I was so turned on that a girl this gorgeous was being ostracized by her family for her vulgar smoking behavior, and only now that she was done with it were they willing to be seen with her.  I just couldn’t get a decent photo to save my life and finally had to quit trying because she was wise to me having seen me lingering the whole time she smoked.  I still enjoyed seeing her interact with the family though and to see her standing up, finally allowing me to see what she was wearing, an oddball combination of a grandmotherly white shawl covering some sort of tanktop and a pair of cutoffs below.  Seeing her from behind was especially odd because the shawl covered almost her entire ass except for the frayed fabric of the cutoffs exposed below….

As the family pressed forward I took a peek inside that trash can and confirmed my suspicion from the black pack that the empty pack she threw away was Camel Crush Bold.  After confirming that, I briefly followed them to the International Bazaar, hoping that just maybe I could score a frontal photo, but ultimately balked having recognized how close to the sun I had already been flying with her.  This sighting would have been one of my best of the day even without the revelation at the end that she was persona non gratta with her family while she was smoking, but the hotness level went off the charts when the sighting played out that way and I felt like I finally had some real momentum going.

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