MNSF #117. Tiny White Shorts And A Cork Filter Cigarette

I was scoring sightings a pretty good clip by mid-afternoon on my second day at the 2011 Minnesota State Fair and really hit my stride as I ventured to the northeast side of the grounds and stumbled into this blockbuster…

There are few things in life more satisfying that coming across a girl-next-door hottie with a shapely body decked out in a skimpy tanktop and snug white shorts while smoking a cigarette.  I’m overcome by a sense of euphoria when I see this sort of thing and was lucky enough to experience it yesterday with this total babe of a 21ish ponytailed light brunette.  She was walking with a plain jane nonsmoking friend who she managed to render as mere background noise as she perused the fairgrounds with her cigarette and smoking unapologetically.  It was hard to get photos of girls in motion in this big of a crowd, but I managed three of them that least give a sense of this girl’s impressiveness.  She had to be seen in person though, dripping sexuality in that girl-next-door way, especially with that microscopic pair of white shorts that caressed her bubble butt and came to a dead stop at the bottom of her asscheeks, displaying long, smooth, and cellulite-free legs beneath.

I was able to catch a few exhales to walk through before she and the friend turned towards the food building.  This street always has massive crowds, but sexy girl still walked through with cigarette in hand, filling her lovely body with the cancerous carcinogens it demanded.  The sighting ended hilariously.  She dropped her cork filter cigarette to the ground in the middle of the street.  I came to a stop in the street to squash the cherry with my foot and this middle-aged woman walks into me from behind.  For whatever reason, she was the one apologizing to me even though it was my fault.  I thought she had gotten it out of her system and started bending over to check out the smoker’s cigarette butt, but as I’m bending over, she starts making additional lighthearted comments about the crowd.  I’m literally eyeballing this discarded cigarette butt in front of her face and she doesn’t even know it.  I’m saying brief and halfhearted comments to the woman before walking away, checking out that cigarette butt and seeing it was a Marlboro Red.

I was still in close enough proximity to catch up with the girl and admire her beauty and awesome body again.  I tried to get a good face shot with the camera phone while she stood in line for food but the crowd was just too unaccommodating so I settled for a rear shot, but even that is nice to look at on my phone every once in a while as a reminder of both summertime and that this girl was smoking a cigarette only moments earlier.

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