MNSF #69. Hottest Blond At The Fair Overcome With Sexualized Pleasure When She Exhales

It was about 8:30 p.m. on Day 1 of the 2016 Minnesota State Fair and I was at the tail end of an extraordinary stretch of sightings that began about four hours earlier.  And the evening would produce one more marquee moment for me just north of the beer gardens block.  I had spotted this absolutely gorgeous 23ish blond once before on the grounds that day and couldn’t take my eyes off of her as now I was watching her opening up a pack of cigarettes and extracting one.  I didn’t see the brand but it looked like some variation of Marlboro Lights.  I scrambled to power on my phone, which I had turned off soon before to keep my battery from going dead, but knew it wouldn’t be ready in time for the light-up, so I just stood and watched one of the prettiest female faces of the fair insert a cigarette into her mouth and fire up.  After my elated body regained its footing, I thought I noticed a cigarette in the hand of the very attractive brunette friend as well, but I saw incorrectly as the only smoker was the blond.  Still, it was the right girl of the two to be the smoker as this girl was just a perfect 10, with shoulder-length platinum blond hair and a utilitarian ensemble of a green blouse and dark jeans which helped give her an approachable, girl-next-door aura despite her incredible beauty.  She was exactly the kind of girl that’s most exciting to see as a smoker this day and age.  The lighting situation meant my photos were not likely to be great but I took four of them anyway from two different positions, and two of them are at least minimally useful in presenting her aura.  But how good of a smoker was she, you ask?  Very!

I sat on a bench adjacent to her on the other side of the designated smoking area’s giant ashtray and watched her entire performance with intense and well-timed drags that were providing her with very obvious physical pleasure.  There’s nothing more beautiful in life than to see physical pleasure on the face of a girl this pretty and she was really hamming it up here particularly with her exhales which were cloudy and skywardly directed torpedoes coming from her mouth and nose.  One in particular was just pure erotica as she took a deep drag and just suspended her face in a skyward position with a look of sexualized pleasure overcoming her before slowly releasing dense clouds of smoke into the night sky.  I felt like I needed a postcoital cigarette of my own just watching her!  She conversed intermittently with her friend as she smoked and the performance lasted a wonderful five minutes before the unfortunate ending I knew was coming where her cigarette butt was pitched anonymously into that overflowing ashtray without any chance of a formal ID.  But as they walked away, she won me over one final time as I watched her reach to the waist of her tight jeans and pull them up.  Seeing a girl that aesthetically perfect do something as unrefined as pulling her pants up as she walks away helps make her seem even more accessible.

Not too long after the sighting of the blond goddess I’d see her and her friend again on the fast-emptying beer gardens block finishing off a beer before heading into the sightingless midway.  I was 50-50 on whether to follow and wait out her next possible sighting, but figured that was too big of a risk for a number of reasons.  In retrospect, I kind of wish I had because there was nothing else going on for the rest of the evening, but I’m grateful I scored one farrow-to-finish sighting of this most unlikely smoker girl.

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