MNSF #62. Teen Smoking Trio In Leggings Fronted By Adorable Early Teen Blond

I always make two trips to the more remote north side of the Minnesota State Fairgrounds on a given day, once in the morning and once in the late afternoon, but since it’s about a 20-minute round trip to walk up there, it’s a gamble that occasionally blows up in my face. Thankfully that would not be the case in the late afternoon hours on Day 1 of the 2017 Minnesota State Fair. In fact it would be at the pet barn commercial exhibit building on the far northern edge of the fairgrounds that I’d stumble into my second best sighting of the day….

There’s a designated smoking area right outside this building and imagine my surprise when I approached it to find a trio of three teen smokers sitting on the grass enjoying a cigarette. In all honestly, two of the three in the trio were pretty mediocre and one was a bit chubby, but the girl on the right in the cluster managed to turn the other two into instantaneous elevator music. She was the sweetest young thing I’d see all day with long blond hair and a crazy youthful face. I’d be surprised if she was even 16, even though the other girls were clearly older and possibly over 18. I strongly suspected they worked somewhere in that commercial exhibit building and planned to check the place out to see if I could find them the next weekend. I scrambled to get photos and was at least able to secure myself next to them for close-range pics, although unfortunately the cutest girl was turned slightly away from me. There were constant ingestions and expulsions of cigarette smoke coming from at least one of the three of them and it was such a wonderful sight…

That diminutive long-haired blond with the face of angel who was closest to me continued to captivate me most though, sitting there with her legs folded Indian style in her leggings with a blue T-shirt up top. Her cigarette had the telltale markings of a Camel Turkish Royal and my heart melted every time she approached the cigarette to her mouth to take a drag, with surprisingly robust exhales from mouth and nose to follow. There were moments I thought this girl had to be a little older than her appearance suggested, but every time I looked closely at her face and body type I just couldn’t imagine her being anything but a mid-teen. I was snapping pics left and right and while my preferred target wasn’t the most cooperative, I figured something would have to stick. All too quickly, the three girls had finished their cigarettes and were getting up off the grass to head inside the pet barn building, tossing their butts into the community ashtray. My petite blond’s ass was covered in wet grass, and it was so cute watching her sweep her hand over her skin-tight leggings to get it off in the moments before she went inside.

Now it was time to look at my pics. Sadly, my success rate was less than 50%. I only got the blond once in mid-drag and most of her face was cut off in that one. I did at least get pics of all three girls with cigarettes in hand and I managed one where the cute blond’s face was in profile, with a beaming smile on her face. I had really hoped to get another chance with these girls on Labor Day weekend when I headed back to the Minnesota State Fair, thinking the girls worked at an exhibit booth in that pet barn building and could be working again the next weekend with more smoke breaks to be taken. Based on four trips up to the north side to investigate the following weekend and seeing none of the three girls, I concluded they were just visitors to the fair in the same way I was. Bummer though because that mid-teen blond deserved a second act. She was the only bona fide teen smoker cutie I’d see that first day at the fair, but I would definitely see another one the following week!

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