MNSF #60. Sweetheart Midway Blond Massacres Newport While Holding Wholesome Boyfriend’s Hand

Evening hours at the Minnesota State Fair ain’t what they used to be, and after dark on Day 1 of 2018 MNSF was no exception as my sightings numbers began slowing down considerably after 8:00. The midway did not seem like a promising area of the grounds to change my fortunes when I ventured that way an hour later, but I have a long-standing tradition of making a run down the midway after dark every Minnesota State Fair visit. A midway tour is a good 15 minutes round trip and with youth smoking having declined to nearly zero, it’s been slipping considerably in recent years in terms of producing sightings, with the majority of midway walk-throughs yielding nothing at all. I debated not even bothering with it this year, but decided I’d stick with my tradition and headed down there, fully expecting my morale would sink even lower if I was to see multiple teen cuties vaping or Juuling. I didn’t see much of that, but for 90% of the midway run I wasn’t seeing any smoking either. But as I approached the midway’s smoking area near the bathrooms I decided to sit down on one of the several benches and survey the landscape…..

My eyes immediately gravitated to a bench with two guys and two girls, all around 19 years old, who were sitting in close proximity to a community ashtray. It didn’t take me long to notice that the adorable long-haired blond sitting on the far right of the bench had a pack of Newports exposed in the left front pocket of her jean shorts. I was fascinated as I surveyed this blond as she looked so wholesome and virtuous, yet somehow also had the features of a smoker. She reminded me of a blond version of my dark brunette second cousin from Nebraska named Leah. But after the initial buzz wore off about this blond being a smoker, I was wringing my hands realizing nobody in this group was smoking, and that they had likely already smoked and were simply lingering in this smoking area in the aftermath. They posed for multiple selfies with my blond Newport cutie frequently being the camera person, and the extended photo-taking raised my pessimism that the smoking already happened and they were now just lounging around for post-cigarette photos. Still, nothing else worthwhile had been going on for quite some time and I followed my gut and stuck around on that bench for a while…just in case. It only took about three minutes before I’d get my reward….

My heart started racing when that innocent-looking blond plucked that pack of Newports out of her pocket, extracted a cigarette, placed it between her lips, and then flicked it to life with a flourish. The presentation could not have been more perfect seeing this blond in her maroon top and pale blue jean shorts making the cherry glow red on that cigarette while sitting amongst two guys and another girl who were not smoking, with a masterful technique of nicely timed drags and generous exhales. My phone was dead so there would be no photos, meaning I had to let my mind be the camera and take in what I knew would be a farrow to finish sighting. She got four drags in while sitting on the bench when, for some reason, the group then stood up and moved a few yards away…..

The blond smoker now had her back to me and while it was a dream to admire her perfectly curvy ass and legs in those beautifully fitting jean shorts, I wanted a frontal view for the smoking so I changed positions. The group stood in a circle facing each other and my blond kept wailing on that cigarette with the tenacity of a girl well beyond her late teen years who clearly knew what she was doing with a cigarette. The most startling moments of her performance came when she exhaled while standing in this circle, as she made zero effort to spare the friends from the filth coming out of her mouth and nose…and I mean literal rockets of dirty smoke spewed right into their airspace at least three different occasions. She was approaching the end of her cigarette but then the sighting got a curious and unexpected extension when, suddenly, the other blond in the group had an unlit cigarette appear from out of nowhere into her right hand. I didn’t see that coming!

The second girl was a petite platinum blond in a white tanktop and jeans who was every bit as cute in her own way as the Newport blond, albeit without the instantaneous IT factor. She requested a light from the Newport girl who then flashed her a sweet smile that made my heart melt as she opened that Newport pack in her pocket and handed the petite friend the lighter. I had mixed feelings as she lit up the petite blond as there was something magical about the dynamic of the Newport girl being the only smoker of this sighting who obnoxiously plastered her friends in the face with exhale after exhale, but on the other hand, I’m not one to turn down the prospect of seeing another cute blond smoke! Furthermore, it was really incredible that neither of these guys were smoking but both of their girls were. The Newport blond finished her cigarette and dropped the butt to the pavement, leaving only the petite blond lingering with cigarette in hand. I went back to the bench where the sighting started to watch the rest of the sighting play out, and my takeaway after a couple of minutes was that the petite blond was only a social smoker. She was no slouch on style points, with generous exhales coming out of the mouth and nose, but her drags were infrequent and she didn’t seem to have the same appetite for nicotine as my Newport girl. I was sitting there at least five minutes as she slow-walked the cigarette, and the sighting ended with the two couples unexpectedly breaking apart with my Newport girl and her guy heading in the direction of the midway exit and the petite blond finishing her cigarette and heading with her guy back into the midway…..

I was leaving the midway myself, more than satisfied with this great find. The crowd was so large at the edge of the midway that I wasn’t even attempting to follow the Newport girl and her guy, but when I got about 50 yards out I found them in front of me, holding hands as they walked northward. I had never fully processed them being boyfriend and girlfriend up until this point, but watching them walk hand in hand en route to the shuttle buses on the northwest side of the grounds I really found myself jealous of this guy who had landed himself this adorable late teen smoker. Just like the way she lit that cigarette 10 minutes earlier and took her first couple of drags, I was struck by the magnitude of her feminine presentation, watching her walk away with her long dark blond hair hanging all the way to the waist of her perfect-fitting light blue jean shorts that still had that half-exposed pack of Newports tucked into the left front pocket, her tolerant nonsmoking boyfriend clasping her nicotine-stained fingers and most likely smelling the residual tobacco odor lingering on her clothes and long hair. I could tell they were heading for the fairgrounds exit and figured it very unlikely she’d smoke another cigarette before getting on her bus, but I followed them to the gate just in case, getting one more look at that beautiful and wholesome face and realizing how rare of a breed she is to be such a dedicated late teen smoker dating a nonsmoking guy in Minnesota in the year 2018.  I’m glad I decided to stick with tradition and make that tour of the midway!

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