MNSF #91. Glamorous Brunette Duo Are Fire Threat In Severe Drought

In the moments approaching sunset during a very productive stretch on my second day at the 2012 Minnesota State Fair, I went down the beer gardens block and ran up my sightings score with a pile of smoky party girls, but for whatever reason I decided to backtrack the beer gardens block just after finishing it, and what a profound decision that was.  I had just passed this one bench not more than a minute earlier but on my return safari I spotted an angelic duo of 20-21ish wholesome girls wielding freshly lit cigarettes.  It was another of those images a fetisher spends his whole day searching for….a duo of babes this wholesome with freshly lit cigarettes between their fingers with a thin stream of smoke rising into the air from them.

One was a curly-haired dark brunette in a black tanktop and jean shorts who by herself was quite a find, with a girl-next-door face and an eye-squinting look of pleasure whenever she took one of her drags.  But the friend upstaged her by orders of magnitude.  She was a ridiculously pretty ponytailed light brunette wearing a pink top and white shorts.  Her face was another that conveyed equal parts wholesomeness and beauty, and I had already seen enough after processing about 10 seconds worth of these girls to know they’d be among my top-5 of the day.  But they were just getting started….

While the dark brunette had a solid enough style, the light brunette was a much harder-core smoker, doing her own version of no-handlebars drags off of the majority of her drags where the cigarette went into her mouth and she released her grip on it temporarily wrapping her mouth around the filter of that all-white and letting the carcinogens fill her sexy body.  She reclaimed possession of the cigarette after the drags and proceeded to send equal parts nose and mouth exhales blasting out of her face into the early evening sky that was more beautiful than any sunset taking place on the western horizon.  Sunset was indeed quickly approaching so my photo-taking options were fast waning with my third-rate camera phone, but I did manage three photos of varying degrees of impressiveness, the first two being when the girls were standing near this bench with their beverages, presumably alcoholic although clearly not beer and somewhat surprising as the light brunette did not look 21.

In a couple of minutes, a pair of friends met them and the girls became mobile, allowing me to follow them and snap a decent photo of their asses at the moment the light brunette is in the early stages of one of her no-handlebars drags.  Her cloudy exhales were fun to walk through and every time I looked at her I was impressed at how skilled of a smoker she was given both her age and her good-girl profile.  She kind of reminded me of some 80s sitcom daughter character, but for the life of me I can’t put a finger on which one.

Anyway, the group wandered across the street and settled onto a grassy area where I was able to see the two smokers finish their cigarettes.  The dark brunette finished hers with still a third to go, dropping it at the edge of the grass and then getting in line at the food stand next to her for either food or beverage.  The light brunette sexpot hadn’t finished hers yet though, and continued to upstage the sunset by producing huge clouds of smoke that blinded me from seeing anything beyond it.  After a couple more minutes she dropped her cigarette to the ground too without bothering to crush it, and I watched both cigarettes smolder from the grass near where they stood as neither girl was interested in keeping the fairgrounds from starting on fire amidst the serious drought the Midwest is currently mired in.  It took a few minutes but the girls eventually drifted off and I was able to cross the street and identify their two Marlboro Lights butts left behind.

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