MNSF #68. Shapely Teen Brunette Smokes And Spits Shamelessly In Front Of Nonsmoking Mother And Young Children

I was in a race against time as the 6 p.m. hour approached on my second day at the 2015 Minnesota State Fair, hoping to get to another smoker girl who I figured would be on break at the 6:00 hour, but after two hours of seeing nothing good, the late afternoon was starting to really come alive.  I was only two blocks from my destination and would be 10 minutes ahead of schedule getting there if she took her smoke break early.  But my first homerun sighting in hours and my second favorite sighting of the day had other ideas.

I cut through the walkway outside the DNR building thinking that would be the path of least resistance, but instead it led me right to a different girl.  I could tell from afar that I had found a sexy female specimen wielding a freshly lit cigarette but each successive footstep confirmed just how amazing of a discovery I had found.  Sitting on a bench was a middle-aged white woman and two young black children who looked about 11 and 8 years old.  But standing in front of the bench was a white teenage brunette who was somehow connected to this group and was wielding a cigarette.  She looked about 17 and while there was a mild air of trashiness about her, she was still positively stunning with her very long dark brown hair stretching all the way down her back past her bare midriff white tanktop and cresting onto her pale blue and very tight jean shorts that framed a splendid crotch and ass.  It was clear when she smiled just how young she was and almost certainly not yet 18, yet somehow she was allowed to smoke a cigarette in front of what I figured was her mother and perhaps the young children she was babysitting or was an adopted older sister to.  As if the deep drag she ingested from the cigarette wasn’t a bad enough example for her to display in front of the children, she followed that first drag I witnessed with a significant lugie spit to the grass pretty much right in front of mom and the children.  I scored a litany of pics on this one, including one of her in mid-lugie!  I moved to their right where an open bench awaited and figured I was in a prime location for more photos, but didn’t take into account that I’d be taking pics into the sun.  While they turned out for the most part, I never nailed the youthfulness of this girl’s face perfectly.

Either way, what a show she continued to put on, cooperating nicely for my needs by being restless and changing positions in front of, behind, and to the side of the others in the group who were able to sit still in spite of her.  Doing so allowed me to witness her smoking from a variety of angles and admire all parts of her stellar young female anatomy on display a few feet in front of me, with that perfect ass in those killer jean shorts being the best of what she had to offer.  Another lugie came up in front of the mother and children again and didn’t appear to even generate a comment as they have apparently come to regularly accept this vulgar display of smoking and spitting from this adorable teenage girl.

The group got up to leave before girlie finished her cigarette, and thankfully they were headed the same way I was.  There wasn’t much left of her cigarette so I figured she’d dispose of it quickly, but went another block dragging from it.  At one point she affectionately put her arm around the young black boy as she walked, still wielding her cigarette in her other hand while wrapping him up in her smelly embrace.  A final drag followed by another juicy lugie transpired with her arm around this young boy, and having smoked the cigarette down to the filter she tossed it to the curb and pressed on.  Thank goodness for the green ring around Newport butts because that was the only way I was able to get a butt ID.  After a couple of snooze-worthy hours,  I got the burst of adrenaline I needed to keep morale up by now.  And it was 5:57 meaning I still theoretically had time to catch up with the girl I was hoping to catch on her next smoke break (spoiler alert:  she wasn’t there).

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