MNSF #107. Teen Cutie Smoking While Swinging A Tub Of Cookies

After a modest evening of sightings at my first day of the 2011 Minnesota State Fair, I had a bit of a flourish in the final hour, with this sighting being my last rock star sighting of the day about a block south of the beer gardens area.  Standing in the relative darkness was a cluster of four 18ish kids, including three guys and a cute girl.  There was only one smoker in the group.  Guess which one?

The guys all seemed a little edgy without seeming like outright thugs, but the girl was a total cutie who really had a teenage girl aura with the way she carried herself and making the contrast of her being the only one in the group smoking that much more eyebrow-raising.  She had long and straight dark blond hair going down her back, and was wearing a white tanktop with jean shorts and nice long legs.  She reminded me of a cute high school girl from the town where I worked at the newspaper named Anna.  This sweet image was doubled down upon as she stood there in her feminine summery outfit with a bucket of cookies hanging from her arm, occasionally swinging back and forth and making that bucket swing from her arm.  Not quite fitting with this image was the cigarette in her other hand that she was frequently dragging from.  And it was pretty clear she was a fairly new smoker as her drags were slight and her hold times short.  Her exhales weren’t bad all things considered, but the newness of her habit was particularly adorable given her cutiepie profile….

As she smoked and conversed with the guys in her group, a really sweet smile frequently emerged on her face.  The group started to walk away, but the girl wasn’t done with her cigarette yet and she appeared to hold them back for a moment until she was done.  They stood at the corner and took a couple of final drags.  I wasn’t sure what she’d do with the butt.  A sweet smile emerged on my own face as she just pitched it into the corner carelessly and boarishly, easily the most obnoxious butt disposal I’d see all day.  Seconds later, the group pressed forward and I had no problem walking up to identify her still-smoldering cigarette butt as a Marlboro Smooth.

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