MNSF #58. Redheaded Sex Kitten With Long Braid Tells Goofy Joke Through A Lengthy Talking Exhale

It was about 20 minutes to 7 p.m. on my excellent first day at the 2016 Minnesota State Fair and I had just crossed the century mark with sightings, quickly approaching the grandstand area knowing all the smokers going to the Dixie Chicks concert would be enjoying a final cigarette before the gates opened up, but I got sidetracked in the best possible way as I checked out the smoking area by the food building and found one of the day’s most delicious 21ish sexpots with cigarette in hand.  Let this image fill your head….badass sunglasses, long reddish hair hanging over her shoulder in a giant braid, a minimalist tan top that exposed a good 18 inches of her midriff, and tight pale blue cutoffs on her bottom.  Add a freshly lit Camel Turkish Royal to this image and you have the girl I stumbled upon.  I was able to take a seat on a cement curb directly overlooking this girl standing in front of my face smoking with a significant group of friends, with her being the only smoker of the bunch at least at the moment.  I took the opportunity for a direct frontal photo but didn’t think of the setting sun in the background blurring the image some.  It’s still a great pic that perfectly captures this sex kitten in mid-drag, but after two quick pics I decided not to be greedy and just sit back and enjoy this show, and sweet Jesus what a show it was….

Her drags weren’t too outside the mainstream in terms of length or intensity, but even after that first drag it was clear that she was extracting some serious smoke volume as a good 10 seconds passed after the drag when she turned giddily to one of the guys in the group and asked a joke about S’Mores (there’s a S’more stand nearby and they probably just bought one).  Somehow, bursts of smoke were still escaping her mouth and nose as she spoke as if she had just taken a drag…but she was 10 seconds removed from it!  And even as she delivered the punchline a few seconds later that “you keep asking for S’More”, wisps of smoke were still slipping out of her mouth and nose.  The talking exhales so far removed from her drag were so impressive that I even gave her a pass on the terrible joke.  None of her subsequent talking exhales were quite that amazing, but it nonetheless became the centerpiece of this sighting as every time this sexually charged young girl took a drag, she would converse with her friends and the smoke wisped out of her gorgeous face in unintentional blasts as she spoke that lasted several seconds after she took a drag.

It’s rare I get to see a sighting this close-up to admire this degree of talking exhale visual bliss, but she was attempting to lead her friends into mobility and entice them to go on “The Hurricane”, undoubtedly some extreme ride on the midway.  And when a sexy young female jubilantly expresses her desire to go on a midway ride to her friends and does so by opening her mouth to reveal a giant ball of recently inhaled cigarette smoke that slowly spilled out in a talking exhale, there’s basically no better feeling on Earth when you’re a smoking fetisher watching it from a few feet away.  She began to proceed in the direction of the midway and I followed hoping for a formal cigarette butt ID and to see her finish it off, but she seemed justifiably annoyed at her inability to herd these cats in her group who were dragging their feet far behind her as she more energetically proceeded towards her destination.  Unfortunately, she’d keep smoking until the nearest garbage can where she crushed the cigarette out and tossed it inside.  I went over to inspect the trash can and couldn’t spot a cigarette butt, but given the telltale markings of Camel Turkish Royals I knew without a shadow of a doubt that that’s what she was smoking.  It wouldn’t have been just any sighting that would delay my trip to the grandstand area by five minutes right before a concert began, but this sighting was one that did, yet another of the top-tier sightings I scored that day that I won’t soon forget.

About an hour and a half later, well after dark, I was following up on another sighting which put me at the right place at the right time for a sensational encore.  About 10 yards to the south sitting in the grass was a group of friends and I could see that two of the girls were smoking.  One was a decently attractive brunette, but she ended up as mere window dressing for the girl who sat next to her, the familiar face and body who belonged to the epic redheaded sexpot who produced those amazing talking exhales a couple of hours earlier.  At the time she was the only person in her group who was smoking but now she was one of two among a good nine people huddled there, but thankfully for me my favorite redheaded smoker with the long braid hanging down to her exposed midriff was sitting directly in the vantage point of an open bench a few yards away.

I wasn’t sitting as closely for the encore as I did for the main event but I still had a great view of her smoking theatrics.  The distance and the darkness forbid me from seeing the magnitude of those talking exhales I saw from close-up at 6:30 but I still got a wonderful smoking show as she powered through another Camel Turkish Royal with the kind of bravado that her friend smoking next to her could only fantasize about pulling off with deep indulgent drags and cloudy exhales directed skyward.  At one point, a nonsmoking guy in her group stood in front of her and conversed while she continued to sit on the grass smoking, and this produced the takeaway image of this second sighting as she sat there looking up to him with puppy dog eyes, dragged from her cigarette, and then exhaled in the same upward direction.  The exhale didn’t reach his face and I’m guessing it was unintentional that her smoke was sent that direction rather than done either to gross him out or to turn him on, but that almost made it hotter that this girl exhaled towards this nonsmoking guy’s face without even realizing it.  Once again I got to see almost the entire smoking performance and she capstoned it with a lugie spit to her left only inches from where her sexy body sat.  She finished the cigarette and crushed it out in the grass, but since her group remained in that spot I would again be denied a formal butt ID.  One of the things that made August 28, 2016, so great were the encore performances, and this sexy lexy provided one of the day’s most desired encores.

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