MNSF #98. Amanda! And Her Nerdy Boyfriend

I was on a roll in the late afternoon of my second full day at the 2011 Minnesota State Fair, to the point that I was repeatedly sidetracked from my planned route because I stumbled into a number of hot girls who I just had to follow.  It was a good problem to have though, and as I approached my 100th sighting of the day, I would again find myself in pursuit of a hot smoker, and this was one of those rare instances where I got a name to go with the face….

I was heading down the main street of the fairgrounds and looked in the right direction at the right time yet again that day to spot what I first expected was just a young couple that included a slender dark brunette sexpot in a black top and tiny jean shorts wielding a cigarette….and once again, I followed them up to the north side.  While the girl looked like a smoker, her sexy body still jumped out at me and I scored a pretty solid frontal photo of her with cigarette in hand shortly after spotting her.  The sighting was not without its frustration though as from the time I spotted her, well over two minutes passed before she took her first drag.  I wasn’t sure what was up with that, but the social dynamic between her and the boyfriend (at least I thought he was a boyfriend) was fascinating enough to intrigue me even without her smoking.  The guy was a total pimply-faced dweeb…the very embodiment of the guy living downstairs in his parents’ basement, yet here he was walking the Minnesota State Fairgrounds with this sexpot smoker babe.  Watching it, I thought seeing things like this should give every young nerd hope of landing a hot girlfriend, because if this pair was really a couple, any potential duo seems viable!

Alas, her extended period between drags would ultimately work to my advantage as she placed the cigarette in her mouth and needed to take an epic six-second drag to pull any smoke into her lungs after letting it all but go out.  Her cloudy exhale confirmed she was as hard-core of a smoker as I thought she was…..

A few moments later, she placed the cigarette back in her mouth, discovering this time it really had gone out.  There was no more than three drags left on the cigarette, but she was dedicated and placed the unlit stub in her mouth, dangling it while fishing through her purse for her lighter.  In seconds, she fired up the remains of her all-white and proceeded to continue smoking, at one point even releasing an exhale that I was fortunate enough to walk through.

Now I had been mindful of another young couple that seemed to be following this girl and her boyfriend since I first laid eyes on them, but they’d been following at a reasonable distance, suggesting that perhaps they couldn’t tolerate their friend’s smoky stench the way her boyfriend did.  But then I heard a female voice from even further behind yell “Amanda!” yielding the attention of my addicted brunette who turned around.  There were two couples following them, and I can’t help but think that somebody in the group had noticed me following and snapping pictures over the several minutes I was tracking this sighting.  “Amanda” was then chatting with the rest of the group, finally getting to the last drag from her cigarette before dropping it to the ground, crushing it out, and proceeding further north with the group.  I had a wide open lane to swoop in and identify the butt.  It was a Camel Light.

I would get a sweet repeat performance heading down Judson Avenue past the International Bazaar just a few minutes later.  Standing outside the bathroom were three familiar-looking girls, one of whom was brunette “Amanda”.  Sure enough, only about a half hour after the last sighting, Amanda was smoking another of her Camel Lights in the company of her nonsmoking female friends chatting with her.  Amanda might be a slow smoker, but she seems to make up for it with the frequency with which she fills her lungs with poison.

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