MNSF #112. College-Age Blond Cutie Outsmokes Her Father

As I posted earlier, I scored a second partial day at the Minnesota State Fair in 2009 and Day 2 vastly exceeded Day 1 for sightings quantity and quality.  One of the earliest indicators that I was gonna have a good day came before 10 a.m. as I was perusing the sometimes-worthwhile Heritage Square area where, out of the corner of my eye, I caught a knockout 18-19ish long-haired blond wielding a cigarette. I then took note of her company, including a middle-aged father who was also smoking and an equally attractive younger sister who was not.

The family was walking together, two of them with cigarettes extending from their fingers, and I was struck by how pretty the blond smoker was (the only drawback was a lip ring..not a fan) wearing a modest gray T-shirt and skin-tight light blue jeans with her long blond hair flowing all the way down her back, looking very much like a smoker. Her image was solidified when I took note of the pack of Marlboro Reds peek-a-booing out of that tight back jean pocket. I was so jealous of that pack as I watched her walk in front of me, resting so comfortably against that wiggling ass of hers. I admired a couple of her drags from behind…nothing particularly special from what I could see but nonetheless adorable coming from her. They got in line for the Skyride with the two smokers on the last throes of their cigarettes before dad crushed out his and then girly crushed out hers a couple moments later. I had no problem confirming the butt was a Marlboro Red and even though I didn’t realize it then, I was gonna be treated to a delicious encore from this girl in the not too distant future.

About an hour later, I was caught up in the middle of an unusual sighting and was encircling the block-long beer gardens building, and as I approached the east side of the block and its beer gardens, who did I see approaching but the hot blond smoker with the tight jeans and her smoking father and nonsmoking sister only an hour or so after my original sighting of the family. The pack of Marlboro Reds was in the blond’s hand and I could tell she was getting ready to fire up another one. Sure enough, they found an open bench in front of the beer gardens and the blond sat on the right, the father sat on the left, and the cutiepie sister sat in between, about to be exposed to secondhand smoke from both sides. Adorably, the blond smoker dangled the unlit Marb Red from the corner of her mouth before firing up as dad retrieved his pack of Pall Mall Lights. Can you imagine???!?! The late teen blond daughter smokes Reds and the dad smokes generic lights. How adorable is that?

I watched the show for a couple minutes, and would have loved to stayed for the whole show, but as I said, another show was in motion on the opposite side of the beer gardens building.  And you know it had to have been huge to compel me to walk away from this one.

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