MNSF #57. Homecoming Queen Teen Smoker Hottie Gets Toe Burned By Sexy Friend’s Cigarette

Considering how much smoking activity takes place in the general beer gardens area I made a point of doubling back from the Coliseum a block south of there several times on Day 2 of the 2015 Minnesota State Fair and revisiting the beer gardens and its adjacent bathroom area only a couple of minutes later.  Doing this that day at about 3:45 walked me into my best sighting of the day, although interestingly on the north side of the bathroom rather than the south side where the designated smoking area is.  Two teenage girls in bare midriff tops and shorts were standing out in the open wielding freshly lit cigarettes.  They were the exact kind of eye candy I’d been crossing my fingers all day to see openly smoking at the fair, and they were perfectly positioned for me to take photos as all I had to do was lean up against the corner of the bathroom and watch from my front-row seat.

One girl was a dark brunette whose hair was up in a bun wearing too-cool-for-school sunglasses, a bare-midriff hot pink tanktop, and very short jean shorts with legs so smooth they looked like they were polished with Lemon Pledge.  The sunglasses in particular made her look older than the 18 I expected she was, but when the sunglasses came off towards the end of the sighting I could tell she was definitely as young as I expected.  But the blond friend upstaged her in the presentation department, and not even by a small amount.  This girl was the embodiment of homecoming queen beauty, her long blond hair flowing onto a white tanktop with a bare midriff with fringes and a pair of blue shorts with white stripes on her bottom and equally perfectly toned legs.  But that face….a fresher young face sucking on the filter of a cigarette I have not seen the entire fair season.  She was a bona fide perfect 10 knockout.  And she was smoking a cigarette right in front of my face, and doing so adorably…..

The girls were pretty solid smokers.  There were no stylistic bells and whistles per se but their drags were well timed with beautiful cloudy exhales…and I got a handful of world-class photos of it.  And they stood where they did for about two minutes before, amazingly, they moved out of the way and stood right next to me, giving me an even better vantage point to see–and smell–their smoking.  The blond was so close I could no longer get a photo of her but I did score a nice close-up of the brunette on the other side of her in mid-drag.  After that it was all about just watching and really enjoying the show.  The brunette was probably a slightly better smoker as her smoke filtered out of her mouth and nose in cloudy blobs that filled the airspace in her general area like pollution from a Beijing smokestack.  It was a close call though because the blond’s drags and exhales were prettier, with her gorgeous face lighting up with pleasure when she ingested her cancerous cigarette smoke and then released the poisonous exhaust in a straight line out of her mouth….

And the best part was how all of the filth from their respiratory systems was inadvertently invading the airspace of the guy hovering a few feet to their north…and that guy would be me.  The stench from these two fumers’ cigarette haze was intense and between the visual and olfactory assault I was absolutely beaming with excitement.  The brunette finished her cigarette first and set into motion the sighting’s most distinctive moment.  She smoked it right down to the filter and began crushing the cigarette onto the corner of the building near where the blond stood.  The blond let out a girlish shriek and then said “your ember burned my toe” as apparently a spark from the cigarette as the brunette crushed it out fell onto the blond’s flip-flop-draped foot.  Clearly the pain wasn’t too intense and the brunette giggled out a half-hearted apology.  The blond clearly wasn’t in enough pain to stop attending to the rest of her cigarette, which had two remaining drags left in it before she dropped it to the pavement and the pair progressed elsewhere into the fairgrounds, never to be seen again that day.

I checked out the girls discarded butts and they were the variety of Marlboro Reds that have the “Marlboro” logo written in cursive on the cork filter.  I told myself after this sighting that if nothing good happened the rest of the day, at least I was blessed to walk into this electric moment and see that teenage girls of this nature still smoke in 2015.  Luckily there were more strong points to come yesterday, but none as strong as this, particularly with as logistically perfect as this one was for me to fetish.

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