MNSF #50. Duo Of Blond Con Artists Mooch Repeated Cigarettes From Unsuspecting Fairgoers

Hold on tight for a crazy ride with this one. The saga all starts with a dark blond I saw during the first week of the 2018 Minnesota State Fair wearing an odd pair of white shorts that fit her like a giant awkward diaper. She hit on some random guy with a cigarette and took a drag off of his, and I’d get a photo of her in those odd diaper shorts later in the evening just for the record. If you had told me after week 1 that she would be the catalyst for my best sighting of the week in the mid-afternoon hours of day 2 of the 2018 Minnesota State Fair, I’d have thought you were crazy. But as I headed to the alley just south of the beer gardens, she would set off a chain of events in which exactly that happened….

I walked down the alley between the beer gardens block and the sheep building to find the same early 20s dark blond, this time in a pink T-shirt and black shorts, doing the same thing she was doing the week before…mooching a cigarette from a couple of random guys on a smoke break. She got her cigarette, which she was holding unlit, and I noticed she was in the company of a very pretty blond in a black tanktop and white shorts. From there, one of the guys who supplied her cigarette approached some other random couple to request a light as neither they nor the girl had a lighter. He got their lighter and sparked himself up, taking the cigarette back to the dark blond and handed it to her, who then lit herself up. If that’s all that had happened, this sighting wouldn’t have left too big of a mark on my day. But I was hoping from the second I saw that hot blond friend in the white shorts that she would play a role in this sighting, and after a single drag from the dark blond, she extended her hand to the light blond who proceeded to take hold of it….

And damn if she wasn’t a great smoker, taking long, indulgent drags and producing some impressive smoke volume on her exhales. I was in a fairly conspicuous spot but still managed several great shots of her in mid-drag. She and the dark blond were trading the cigarette back and forth almost every drag, although the hotter blond got a clear majority of it and was a much better smoker. The girls continued to flirt with these guys who supplied their cigarette as they smoked with them and the show lasted a good five minutes before they finished their cigarettes and soon both the guys and the girls wandered away separately. I took the opportunity to identify their discarded butt–an all-white Marlboro Nxt–and then check out how well my photos turned out. I figured the sighting was done. So imagine my surprise when about a minute later, I started walking westward out of the alley to see the same two girls with new cork filter cigarettes in their hands hamming it up with new people. As I got closer, I discovered they were talking to a young mid-20s couple who looked about as wholesome and easygoing as any young couple I’ve ever seen. The girl was an adorable ponytailed dark brunette with a face that looked like someone who should be competing for the state dairy princess rather than sitting in an alley with a beer and a cigarette…..

The dark brunette was decked out in a blue T-shirt with a pair of tan, feathered shorts that blended in nicely with her smooth, tanned legs. Apparently the mooching blonds have a traveling hustle to bum a cigarette from one person after another the entire day, and now they were running their con on this wholesome young couple, each getting a Marlboro Smooth from them and each smoking their own this time rather than sharing it as they did with the Marlboro Nxt only moments earlier. They were laying the charm on thick on this young couple, with the dark brunette in the middle stages of introducing herself as I arrived, telling them that “I just turned 25”. From there, the couple was showing the two blonds the pics on their phones, and the blonds were oohing and aahing. Perhaps they had a kid or perhaps it was just wedding photos. I didn’t know for sure but it was playing out amongst a haze of smoke as all four of them dragged from their respective cigarettes. I was trying to get a pic of this wholesome dark brunette but the blonds were crowding her out. I could barely get a good enough look to see her let alone take pics, so I settled for another dragging pic of the hotter blond in white shorts. When I saw that the young couple had finished their cigarettes, I decided to walk away before somebody busted me, but I wouldn’t stay gone for long….

As I looped around the beer gardens block, the last sighting was weighing heavy on my mind so as soon as I got back to the alley on the east side, I decided to cut through to see if anybody was still there on the west side. And sure enough, the wholesome young couple was still there, now by themselves, and smoking another cigarette. I got the catbird seat next to the girl and my phone worked overtime to snap a flurry of pics, holding and dragging. Having seen this girl in isolation, I’d have never imagined she would be a smoker, yet here she was on her second in a row, ingesting drag after drag and then releasing her exhaust into the late summer sky while chatting casually with her boyfriend/husband. He finished his cigarette first and went to the bathroom while she put hers to bed, crushing it out on the cement and leaving it there. When the boyfriend came out of the bathroom, they took off, giving me a nice visual of her ass in those feathered shorts. She was far and away the most unlikely smoker girl of the day. I’d see her and the boyfriend later in the afternoon, but they were walking around and not smoking. It was quite a unique series of events that led me to them, but I’ll forever be grateful for those cigarette-mooching blonds that did, and it didn’t hurt that the blond in white shorts of that duo was herself one of my best finds of the day….

And lest you think the sighting had completely played out, there was still one more chapter. It was about 3:30 and I resurfaced at the alley between the beer gardens and the sheep building where so much excitement had played out an hour earlier. Upon arrival, I spotted an early-to-mid-30s blond in the presence of her husband, and she was in possession of a freshly lit Black ‘N’ Mild cigar. She was attractive and decked out in a white blouse and a pair of jean shorts. I had a feeling she was sharing the cigar with her husband but that didn’t seem to be as likely as the sighting pressed on. She took a drag from the cigar and unfortunately they stood up and progressed a few yards to the east where she sat down on the same curb I was seated on, but was turned mostly away from me while she smoked. I did get one frontal pic of her, but when it came time to drag, I never got her face in the pic so all you see is a cigar protruding out. Whatever the case, the sighting really got interesting when I noticed who was about 10 yards further to the east of the cigar-chomping blond. It was the cigarette moochers yet again!

This time they had a cigarette, possibly still one of the Marlboro Smooths they got from the wholesome young couple earlier, but they still didn’t have a light, and the dark blond called out to a random guy walking by asking if he had a light for her. When he didn’t, the cigar blond volunteered. First, she made her husband hold her smelly cigar while she rummaged through her purse for her lighter, then walked over and flicked the dark blond’s cigarette to life. After thanking her a few times, the dark blond returned to her hotter blond friend in the white shorts and they passed the cigarette back and forth for another well-timed performance, with the white shorts blond dominating the cigarette again both in terms of quantity and style points. I was in heaven for a few minutes watching the blond closest to me dragging from her cigar after she reclaimed it from the nonsmoking husband who apparently just has to learn to live with her smelly cigar breath…and then looking past them to see the younger blonds sharing what was at least their third cigarette of the last hour or so. I’m not sure I’ve ever had a sighting with so many different players and layers but it was the high point of not only that day, but the entire Minnesota State Fair.

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