MNSF #80. Smoking a Camel Pink While Waiting For Mom and Dad

There was a point around noon on my first day at the 2011 Minnesota State Fair where I was on an absolute tear, scoring a stretch of blockbuster and epic sightings that made me think I was poised for one of my best days of MNSF sightings ever.  Sighting quality would diminish later in the day, but right in the heart of successful streak came this wondrous specimen….

I was approaching the west side of the beer gardens area just before noon when I spotted this very attractive long-haired brunette at the very moment she launched an epic smoke missile into the air while walking away from the beer gardens.  The huge first impression would be followed up with continued greatness as I managed to walk right up behind her.  Immediately I noticed the pink rings on her all-white cigarette and knew it was a Camel Pink No. 9.  I haven’t seen these in the stores for months now but the dedicated addicts like this girl must be finding a way to keep getting them.  I tried to walk ahead of her to get a better look at her face and managed to get tangled up with her for a moment, briefly excusing myself and fearing I had ruined my chances for a prolonged sighting.  But it would take a lot to break me away from this.  And as luck would have it, she would stand on a grassy area waiting for somebody and I would stand against a tree for my front-row seat…..

She was a beauty, about 21-22 with a wholesome Midwestern look about her.  Definitely not Hollywood-quality features, but she gave off the kind of vibe of a girl who would really make a great girlfriend.  She looked like somebody from my past, but I can’t place who.  She stood there with her beer in one hand and her Camel Pink in the other, with long brown hair going down her back, a pair of sunglasses that for whatever reason looked more utilitarian than badass on her, complimenting her wholesome look, a black top, and a very sexy pair of denim jean shorts that weren’t tight, but fit her in a way that really added to her profile.

I must say it didn’t take her too many drags to make that Camel Pink disappear, the hallmark of a long-time heavy smoker.  Her drags always impressed and were followed up with equally impressive blasts of smoke from her mouth and nose.  While I was fairly conspicuous where I stood and watched leaning up against a nearby tree, I was fiddling around with my phone pretending I was doing the same thing she was….waiting for people to meet her.  I’m still kicking myself for not thinking of snapping a picture of this beauty with my camera phone.  Meanwhile she continued to furiously text whoever she was expecting to meet and would eventually crush out the Camel Pink on the grass.

After the sighting played out, I walked away and crossed the street, but looking at her standing there waiting, an overwhelming curiosity overcame me to find out who would arrive to meet her.  Would it be a buff boyfriend?  Would it be a cluster of college girls?  I wouldn’t have to wait more than a minute before I’d get my answer.  Adorably, it was her middle-aged parents who met up with her.   She started talking warmly with mom and I almost wanted to stick around longer to see if she’d have another cigarette in the presence of mom, but after a few moments observing these very hearty Midwestern parents with their smelly babe of a daughter, I got the sense that that was what triggered the separation.  Girlie wanted to have a beer and a cigarette…and the folks didn’t want any part of it and went separate ways.  The trio started walking off and the spring that was already in my step had just gotten even springier.

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