MNSF #66. Bent-Elbow Blond Beauty Uses Bare Leg As Her Barstool

While my second day at the 2012 Minnesota State Fair was an above-average day overall, there was an extended mediocre period in the early afternoon, but one particularly impressive blond smoker kept the momentum alive during those hours…..

From out of the grandstand came this attractive young couple in their mid-20s.  The girl was a knockout long-haired platinum blond and a solid 9.5 beauty-wise.  While her outfit of a gray tanktop and black shorts was nice, I couldn’t help but think she could have done better in showing off her sex appeal, but she seemed like a conservative girl so wearing something slutty wouldn’t have really fit either.  I saw the couple drifting to a stairway that serves as a grandstand entrance for concerts during the evening.  While I made a mental note of them, there were a couple of younger girls lingering in the area who I was eyeballing at the time as well in hopes they’d light up.  The younger girls never did, but from out of the corner of my eye I saw blondie flicking a cigarette to life on that stairwell where she and the boyfriend were sitting.  Yeah baby!  I sat from my own vantage point for a couple of moments but then migrated over to that stairwell where they were.  I just had to get a closer look at this.

And it was every bit as adorable as I could have imagined, particularly since the guy didn’t smoke and he was simply waiting for his beautiful girlfriend to carry on with the stinky stuff.  And the girl was being as considerate as possible to the boyfriend, seated two stairs down from him where she was still close enough to converse but far enough away to where she wouldn’t be assaulting him with her noxious fumes.  She even went so far as to hold her cigarette hand behind her back to help keep his lungs pink.  The drags were always gorgeous, with a very natural smoking style and impressive hold times, always culminating in her pointing her head to the right to release a very tight plume of smoke straight ahead and completely from her mouth.  I was seated close by and always staring in awe every time she took a drag, so much so that on two occasions after expelling the contents of her black lungs she looked at me, knowing she was being watched.  I tried to take that in stride as much as possible, but having her look at me was exhilirating in itself as I got a full view of her gorgeous face.

And the second half of the sighting got even better as she gave up holding the cigarette behind her back and instead went for the bent-elbow pose, using her bare right knee as the equivalent of a bar stool.  Seeing this extremely feminine pose and all that bare flesh on this beauty made me want to club that boyfriend over the head and have sex with her then and there.  The sighting lasted almost 10 minutes before she crushed out the all-white on the pavement.  I was nervous she was gonna head to the garbage and throw it away considering she seemed to be a pretty considerate smoker, but apparently her manners are only relevant to her nonsmoking boyfriend as she piggishly let the butt sit there.  When they got up to leave, I effortlessly identified the butt from one of my favorite girls of the day….a Marlboro Light.  My only disappointment was that I was seated so close I couldn’t realistically snap a photo.

Less than two hours later, I was back outside the west side awning and stairwells to the grandstand.  Seemed like no matter how much the rest of the grounds let me down that day and the week before, I could count on that area delivering almost every time I went over there.  I scored a couple good new sightings here and there and was following a bunch of hot underage girls lingering in the area who I figured just might light up.  And while doing so, I made a passing mental note of a blond sitting next to her boyfriend that I had just seen out of the corner of my eye on a flight of stairs inside that awning structure.  Doing my rounds, I happened to be there when the blond lit up a cigarette, immediately grabbing my attention.  As I finally took my first close look, I realized it was her….my beauty queen blond lighting up again only about an hour and a half after her first!

I had been lamenting that entire time how I wasn’t able to snap a photo of her, but now I’d have my second chance.  Unfortunately, the vantage point was very challenging for picture taking as she was effectively seated around a corner up a flight of stairs with no place close where I could hover.  I tried my damndest and managed a couple mediocre pics from a modest distance, but still close to the point of being very nervous of being spotted in this awkward location.  If anything, her second smoking performance was even cuter than her first given that she was now seated right next to the nonsmoking boyfriend and therefore less able to protect him from the cancerous fumes she was spewing.  For most of the cigarette, her cigarette hand was in the bent elbow pose, again using her knee as the proto-bar stool, continuing to take those skillful drags with impressive holds, followed up with straight-ahead exhales she released by turning her mouth to the left away from the boyfriend.  In my exposed location, I couldn’t stick around for the final third of the sighting, especially considering she had already spotted me during the first sighting, but this blond was by this point single-handedly keeping my afternoon exciting.

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