MNSF #105. Male Friend Fixes A Teen Smoker Girl’s Wedgie

There was a great deal of frustration to go around on my first day visiting the Minnesota State Fair in 2010, an extremely hot day where luck didn’t seem to be on my side until the coming of the 6 p.m. hour when everything started to come together at once.  A prime example of the day’s changing fortunes came with this noteworthy observation that occurred in the late afternoon, where I kept an eye on a cluster of four 16-17ish teens, two boys and two girls, who were a stone’s throw away from the traditional seating area on the west side of the grandstand.  These four teens were all clustered up on a remote corner on the grass outside the grandstand gates, and it struck me that they wouldn’t be up there unless they were doing something naughty.  I stuck around and kept returning to this area for a good 20-minute stretch not seeing anything, but I still knew something had to be up.  Both of the girls couldn’t have been cuter, with a long-haired brunette in a white top and jean shorts, and a blonde in a pink top with white shorts.  Not sure which girl was hotter because they were both impressive.  To be continued….

More than an hour later, I was suddenly scoring a flurry of amazing sightings, and was lucky enough to follow through with this one in the most unusual way.  I journeyed back to the grandstand’s west side exterior, looking up to the same obscure area and found the same two sets of teenagers including those two hot 17ish girls I mentioned before.  I couldn’t initially see much from my position, but I could see enough to tell that the brunette in the jean shorts had a cigarette in her hand.  There was no convenient way of seeing this one up-close but I had to fake it as though I was heading up their direction to take a peek through a small opening to the goings-on inside the grandstand.  The brunette girl was the only one of the four smoking, and I only got to see one inconclusive drag.

Still, the context made this one of my favorite sightings of the day.  The reason the girl was standing up while the others were sitting is that apparently her jean shorts and underwear were giving her a wedgie.  I kid you not, the lucky bastard sitting next to her got the lucky job of pulling the denim and panties out of her ass crack.  She was literally crouched down a little while standing there as the guy dutifully tugged away at thin layer of fabric covering her incredible ass.  I’ve never seen anything like this before and want to sign on to get a girlfriend who requests a guy do this for her.  Meanwhile, the poor nonsmoker guy dislodging his girlfriend’s wedgie was also in the crosshairs of the sidestream smoke coming off of her cigarette.  Needless to say, I’m glad I didn’t give up on this cluster as they came through with one of my favorite sightings of the day.

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