MNSF #46. Brunette In Hot Pink Shorts Hits One Designated Smoking Area After Another With Heavy-Smoking Family

It was around 11 a.m. when the morning gloom would retreat and perfect upper-70s sunny skies would arise on Day 2 of the 2017 Minnesota State Fair, and the improving weather also brought about my fateful walk past the smoking area across the street from the Leinie Lodge, which has a park-like atmosphere and is covered with foliage and benches. As I approached, I first spotted a girl who jumped out at me immediately with her IT factor. She was an early-to-mid 20s dark brunette so wholesome that even sunglasses couldn’t make her look badass. She reminded me of a smoker girl named Kelly I dated for three months this spring and early summer, wearing a white T-shirt and a pair of bright pink shorts that made her impossible to mix up with anyone else at the fair, useful information for further in the day. Anyway, she and her boyfriend both walked up to the edge of the smoking area and lit up, at the same time as two more very attractive early-to-mid 20s girls standing near them were approaching the end of their respective cigarettes, one a dark blond in a bare midriff green top and dark jeans, the other an even more attractive and wholesome light brunette in a white and gray striped tanktop and jeans.

I placed myself in between the two groups of smokers, ecstatic about being in the presence of such stinky beauties for the first time of the day. But there was one big problem here in that for whatever reason, two cops were hovering not far away, making photo-taking too risky to try. In less than a minute, the dark blond and brunette finished their cigarettes and began walking across the street to the Leinie Lodge. The best I could do was follow them to get a post-cigarette pic and watch my dark brunette from across the street. I did just that and it worked out pretty well. Pretty bummed to miss out on pics and upclose bells and whistles from that wholesome dark brunette, but you never know, maybe we’ll be seeing more from her as the day goes on.

A couple hours later, I was encircling the beer gardens block to the smoking area on the south side of the main bathroom area and I’ll be damned if life wasn’t giving me a second chance to see that dark brunette in the bright pink shorts who reminded me of my ex-girlfriend Kelly smoking again. But this time she wasn’t just with her boyfriend as she was last time….now there were older family members involved, either her parents or his, and they were smoking too. Unfortunately, I got there towards the end of her cigarette and only got to see a couple of closing drags. I still failed on the picture front, unable to get anything good and was pretty sick about it when I saw my photos didn’t take. Again though…let not your heart be troubled….she’ll be back!

Less than an hour removed from my second sighting of the day of the dark brunette in the pink shorts, I would return to the smoking area on the south side of the bathroom area to find her with the same cast of characters (boyfriend, older relatives) smoking again at the exact same spot as before. Whoa! This girl is not someone I’d suspect would be a heavy smoker, I thought to myself looking her over again. My timing was never quite perfect with this girl though as she was once again towards the end of her latest cigarette, but this time I was at least able to get a few photos, albeit only one with a visible cigarette at the second she’s about to toss it into the nearby community ashtray. At least this time I was able to identify her brand…the very telltale (and popular with the Minnesota kids these days!) Camel Turkish Royals with the blond filters. What a refreshing burst of youth and vibrancy she repeatedly brought to that smoking area which was filled primarily with people over 45 most of the day. The sunglasses and bright pink shorts only made her presentation stick out even more.

I briefly chased after another sighting in the beer garden area and dropped my phone, triggering a mini-emergency where I had to reassemble it but everything came back on fine. I went back to the smoking area north of the beer gardens after fixing the phone….and there she was AGAIN! She being the dark brunette in the pink shorts, smoking yet another cigarette no more than 10 minutes removed from her last. This was starting to get insane….but I wasn’t complaining. And she had just lit this one so I finally got to see a full smoking show from upclose. While there were no definitive bells and whistles to her smoking show, it was delightful to blend in with the crowd in this area and stand there a few feet in front of her watching her puff away in front of either her own parents or the boyfriend’s parents as they chatted and laughed in each other’s company. She was fast becoming the story of the day, and seemed just as much like a wholesome sweetheart in this more intimate setting as she did earlier in the day when I first laid eyes on her. Unfortunately, this big crowd that was such an asset when it came to getting an upclose vantage point of her nicely paced drags and exhales also made picture-taking very challenging, and I was only able to get one holding pic…and that one cut her head off. The Camel Turkish Royal was once again disposed of in that community ashtray after a good five-minute show.

During the 2:00 hour, the state fair parade is on in the eastern portion of the fairgrounds so I limited my fetish to the grandstand area and points westward, busting my way through the absolutely insane crowd that forms in between the west side of the grandstand the Heritage Center, a crowd so consistently paralyzing that it greatly limited my subsequent visits to the Heritage Center that day. But the Heritage Center smoking area nonetheless delivered one more time in a big way. As I approached the smoking area, an all-too-familiar pair of bright pink shorts once again dominated my field of vision. She was completely out of control! I’d already seen her smoking four times in the last 3 1/2 hours, most recently less than a half hour ago. This time, her parents were hovering over her and she laid on the ground spooning with the boyfriend, with she being the only one in possession of the cigarette. Photo-taking was gonna be next to impossible with her in this position, but I took a nearby bench hoping I could pull it off anyway. And somehow, some way, I did. She lifted her head from the boyfriend’s chest, with the stub of yet another Camel Turkish Menthol in her hand, and placed the damn thing in her mouth for a stub-dangle final drag. It might not be the best angle, but I got the pic! I watched her last two drags before she stood up, continuing to chat with the boyfriend and the family.

At one point, she briefly lifted her sunglasses off. I said even those sunglasses failed to make her look like a badass, but in those passing seconds where the sunglasses were off her wholesomeness was even more breathtaking. It was just unthinkable that THIS GIRL had smoked five cigarettes (at least!) in the last four hours at such a public venue. The girl and the rest of her group walked into the main part of the Heritage Center and that would be the last I would see of them. But never before had I seen such a prolific routine of a girl basically unable to pass any of the designated smoking areas without lighting up, and she was just the latest example of the incredible success I’ve had this fair season of seeing the same hot girl smoking multiple times on one day. In that respect, this may be my most successful fair season ever! The dark brunette in the bright pink shorts will go down in Minnesota State Fair history.

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