MNSF #101. Dancing and Smoking To The Music In a White Miniskirt

I had another great day of Minnesota State Fair sightings in 2007, and the final of what I would consider my blockbuster sightings of the day came just after dark. As I encircled the horticulture building and approached the Space Tower, I spied two blonde hotties in the 17-18 range. The hottest of the two was a bottle blond holding a cigarette and sporting a ridiculously tiny white cotton mini-skirt that barely covered her ass. Needless to say, I reversed course and followed them.

What a stunner of a smoker this cutie was. I’m not big on nose rings, but this prototypical “party girl” was so cute she actually pulled it off….and her intense drags and cloudy combination exhales were positively astounding. When the girls took note of a pop music station playing tunes ahead in the now infamous radio station booth on the ground’s south side, they hurried up their pace and stood at the back of a small cluster dancing away to the music playing.

The smoker girl quickly joined in on the dancing and her cigarette became animated while that microscopic white skirt of hers danced around and jiggled just underneath her buns. It was quite a sight and continued on for several moments, with the girl taking intermittent drags from her cigarette as that little skirt bobbed up and down. The two girls would walk away from the radio station booth after a couple of minutes and the blonde deposited her spent cigarette butt onto the curb with a careless fling, a conveniently wide open space where I was able to identify the butt as that of a Marlboro Light. A great day at the fair had transitioned to a great night.

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