MNSF #67. Hottest-Assed Smoker Of The Day Blows Smoke Into Baby’s Face

It was a cool night for early September, but I nonetheless was scoring some impressive stuff after dark on my second 2011 Minnesota State Fair trip, and one of the best was scored at the radio stage playing dance music at the edge of the midway.  There was an especially large crowd watching some guy doing some special dance moves at this point.  I huddled into the back of the crowd and found myself looking down at this awesome ass in white shorts.  It belonged to the glam early 20s blond standing in front of me watching the show.  The girl was quite pretty as well, but that ass was what I couldn’t take my eyes off of.  She was rockin’ the kind of Jennifer Lopez-style jumbo-sized booty that certain girls (like MNSF #5 Lindsey in 2010) can make look sexy beyond belief.  My hand was only a few inches away from doing what it wanted to do…smack that piece of ass.  Obviously I resisted, thanks to some especially disciplined brain receptors.  But amidst my lip-smacking observation of this first-rate caboose, the stench of fresh cigarette smoke was assaulting my nose.

It could have been coming from just about anybody in a crowd this size, but moments later I would discover its source was none other the blond in front of me who proceeded to place the cigarette into her mouth and take a drag.  I was only inches away as I watched her release that lungful of smoke into the windy night air.  I followed the smoke as it first hit a young father in the back of the head who was standing in front of her…and then drifted directly into the face of the six-month old baby the guy was holding over his shoulder.  If only this girl knew….

Shortly after, the girl and her mildly attractive African American friend who was also smoking started walking away with cigarettes in tow.  Needless to say, I followed.  They proceeded into the midway, and while listening to that dance music, blondie did a sexy little jig that redirected my eyes to her amazing ass as it wiggled and jiggled to the gyrations of her hips in those snug white shorts.  The midway was crowded and I found that a group of young guys had gotten in front of me as I was following the blond smoker, undoubtedly eyeballing that ass as any sane heterosexual male would, but this would work out to my advantage as the same wind that sent this girl’s previous careless exhales into the face of a little baby was now repeatedly nailing the guys in the face, one after another.  I was wondering if I had other fetishers joining me in pursuing this girl.

And she always exhaled the same way, turning her head to the right and producing a giant blast of thick smoke from her mouth, and then kept her head turned just long enough to where I was also able to see a substantial residual blast of smoke escape from her nose.  This was one very addicted girl who wasn’t afraid to let anybody see or smell that.  Once again, she smoked the cigarette very close to the filter, leaving me with yet another cork filter butt that I was not able to definitively identify the brand, but predicting to be a Marlboro of some variety based on the rings.  If there’s a downside to girl smoking their cigarettes to the filter, that’s it.  Another of my top-five sightings of the day and quite possibly the best ass I saw on a smoker all day amidst some stiff competition (as in making-me-stiff competition).

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