MNSF #89. Camel-Smoking Girls Spitting Like Camels

Back to the incredible morning from my second day of Minnesota State Fair fetishing in 2009.  Just behind the full-square block beer gardens area is a semihidden seating area where smokers occasionally go to indulge their addictions out of sight. Sitting there at around 10:30 that morning were two 16-ish girls, both ponytailed dark-haired brunettes, in the middle of their cigarettes. The girls were somewhere in between “plain janes” and hotties, but both had a cuteness to them and a certain naughtiness in their eyes that drew me in. I sat on the cement seating area about 10 yards in front of them and watched the show. And what a show it was. The girl on the left was the cutest, with a reddish-pinkish top and jean shorts, while the girl on the right, still cute but not likely to win homecoming queen honors in the next year or two, was wearing a white T-shirt and blue denim capris that went past her knees…..

The girls sat there smoking and people-watching (unfortunately they quickly became aware I was watching them), and exhibited a cute trait I often see with teenage girls who smoke…..they were spitting frequently between drags. Of course, not everybody (even every fetisher) would find this attractive, but I found it adorable watching these teen cuties take a drag from their cigarettes, exhale, and then hock up a lugie which they spat either to their side or between their legs. They didn’t do it after every drag, but usually after every two or three.

Amidst their people watching, another 16-ish girl in super-tight black leather pants walked right in front of them and the girls kind of rolled their eyes, probably wondering as I was how miserable this girl must be wearing leather pants in 75-degree sunny and moderately humid weather. The girls retired their cigarettes but neither of them got up even after finishing their smokes, and having already been spotted and wanting to move on with my sightings, I decided to take off, do a quick lap around the block, and return to the spot to see if they’d stick around. So around the corner I went, and in doing so stumbled into the second act of the sighting that is my MNSF #50 on this list.

Almost 10 minutes later, I finally got around to returning to the girls, wondering why on Earth they were still sitting there after all that time…and I would get my answer upon arrival. The less attractive but still cute girl on the right was smoking another cigarette. Unfortunately, I missed most of it having been pursuing other sightings and the girl only had a few puffs left. Now I was in the awkward position of having been spotted by these girls twice and knew I had to retreat. So I swung around the block again, and when I returned I found the most precious leftovers marking their territory. Not only did these girls litter their cigarette butts, the girl on the right littered her empty pack of Camels leaving it sit there, along with several small pools of saliva from where they had spit amidst their smokes.   Crazy as it sounds, these girls still weren’t done with me…

Heading down crowded Judson Avenue about four hours later in the mid-afternoon, I would encounter the two familiar-looking teenage faces stepping from Judson Avenue onto a less-crowded street and heading northward.  It was the 16ish brunette Camel smokers who had been spitting more often than actual camels a few hours earlier.  The cuter girl, still wearing her jean shorts, was eating a corn dog, but the other brunette (still cute) with the white T-shirt and blue denim capris had ANOTHER cigarette in her hand. Keep in mind, this girl had already smoked two cigarettes back-to-back earlier in the morning. I had seen this underage girl three times in this stretch, and she was smoking a cigarette all three times. If only every teenage girl in America could follow her lead. I followed her and saw a couple drags from the rear before she tossed her Camel butt to the curb and crushed it out.

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1 Response to MNSF #89. Camel-Smoking Girls Spitting Like Camels

  1. ECD says:

    I loved this report; girls spitting isn’t gross, it’s cute!

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