MNSF #48. Blond Teen Smoker Forces Friend To Eat Cigarette-Flavored Cookies

Rain had been forecast for the Saturday that was both my 35th birthday and my first day at the 2012 Minnesota State Fair.  I had a back-up plan to revisit the fair the following day in the event of a washout, but through the morning the grounds stayed dry and I was having outstanding luck with sightings.  That changed right around noon, however, as a steady hourlong rain event was beginning.  But how could I have imagined that a rain-out would ultimately produce one of my best sightings of the day….

As the rain picked up and I walked past the grandstand seating area, moving from the east side to the west, I saw from a distance a pair of teenage asses in dark jean shorts standing under an umbrella.  Both asses were perfectly chiseled 18-year-old booty of the highest caliber.  I could see neither of them was smoking but I nonetheless eagerly approached from behind determined to see if their faces lived up to their rear views….and they did.  One girl was a brunette and really cute….but the stunner of the two was this long-haired blond in a purple top carrying a handbag on her right arm as both girls finished off fair food.  She was a knockout….and totally looked like a smoker.  While she didn’t look specifically like the legendary Brittny (ISF #5), I got an absolute Brittny vibe from her and had that same feeling from this girl that I did the second I laid eyes on Brittny back in 2008, knowing she was addicted to nicotine.  But the girls were walking away and the rain was picking up, so I decided to head under the awning of the seating area outside the west side of the grandstand.

As I got under this awning I weaved my way through the crowd while standing there, hoping that seeking shelter from the rain would end up being a natural cigarette break trigger for some addicted girls and in the minutes ahead would discover that it was as I stumbled into a couple decent sightings.  But about 10 minutes had passed in the general area before I leaned on a railing and just on the other side was my Brittny lookalike in the purple top and jean shorts seated by herself.  I was only able to see her from the rear but she was opening up her bag.  I held my breath in anticipation, unable to see exactly what she was doing, but trying not to build myself up too much in the event of a letdown.  But the unmistakable sound of a lighter flicking erased any lingering doubt, particularly when it was followed seconds later by a burst of smoke rising above her head.

I quickly walked to the other side of the fence to take a seat near her, but as I got out there, the rain started blowing onto the area where she sat so she got up and started wandering into the huddle.  Needless to say, I continued to follow.  Blondie planted her butt next to a familiar face….the brunette friend who was seated on a small flight of cement stairs and eating a cone full of chocolate chip cookies.  The blond occupied the one spot on those stairs that was left for people who actually wanted to walk on them.  Not only was she gonna occupy the only walk-space left in this very crowded spot with that fantastic ass of hers, she was gonna stink the place up to boot.

I found a great spot to stand for a front-row seat, and was readying my camera for a photo while watching this adorableness transpire.  And it got better as the blond proceeded to take impressive drags from her cigarette and then carelessly release exhales which the wind repeatedly sent directly into the face of the nonsmoking friend just trying to eat her cookies without her friend’s foul-smelling assault, clearly to no avail.  The brunette never complained but I still assumed she didn’t want to be eating cigarette-flavored cookies.  That’s tough…..because she wasn’t gonna be able to do it with this friend.

I was just getting ready to snap a picture but had to relent.  The blond seemed to be noticing me so I knew I had to proceed with extreme caution especially at this vantage point, but then she leaned over to whisper into the friend’s ear.  I’m familiar enough with teenage girls to know that whispering doesn’t lead to anything good, but I was still getting off on the cuteness of the whispering.  Not only was the brunette getting repeated blasts of cigarette smoke into her face, she now had the blond friend’s ashtray mouth right in her grill violating her airspace with ciggy breath stench.  Seconds after the blond whispered into the friend’s ear, the brunette was suddenly looking up to me for the first time with this smirk on her face.  I was so busted.  Taking the picture was out of the question here, but I still planned to watch this sighting play out and hunkered down for a continuation of what I’d been seeing….solid four-second drags and cloudy exhales that nailed the brunette in the face over and over again.  The blond eventually dropped the cigarette to the cement step and crushed it out underneath her shoe, planning to leave it sit there for others to deal with.    The girls got up to go away, popping open that familiar umbrella and proceeding into the rain giving me one last look at their incredible teenage asses waddle on into the sunset.  I swooped in and identified that cork filter butt.  It was a Marlboro Red.  What a hard-core little addict.

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