MNSF #72. The Pink and White Plaid Shorts Smoker Girl

My MNSF #75 sighting on this list was the first of a litany of blockbuster and epic sightings that defined my evening on my second trip to the Minnesota State Fair in 2010. Only two or three minutes after the girls surrounding the stroller, I would score another stunner…

Only minutes later, near the uber-productive beer gardens area, I caught another blockbuster featuring one of the most oddball group of friends I’ve ever come across.  In the company of a utilitarian 21ish dude was another dark brunette who was an absolute doll.  She looked so wholesome that it was almost criminal, with her shoulder-length dark brown hair cresting on a white tanktop, a pair of pink-rimmed sunglasses on top of her head, and most adorably, her spectacular ass draped in a pair of plaid-patterned pink and white shorts.  If it was possible to exceed the white shorts of the girl in the stroller sighting, this girl had done it.  The boyfriend looked to have a bit of a bad side but wasn’t smoking, yet his beauty queen girlfriend did have a stinky all-white protruding from her fingers, which she spewing every which direction.

Now I mentioned the oddball cluster.  Walking behind them was your classic gangster-looking young black guy doing a comic relief/class clown routine as he followed.  At first I wondered if this guy was heckling them and making them wildly uncomfortable, but the white guy/boyfriend would ultimately look back and start talking to him like they were long-lost buddies…..

I was following as close as possible, watching this girl’s adorable exhales and getting splashed in the face by them.  Her exhales were cloudy and accomplished, and I occasionally got to behold the jets of smoke spilling out of her mouth and nose.  But perhaps most intoxicating of all was watching that ass of hers wiggle forward in those pink-and-white plaid shorts.  I would have paid $100 to smack that ass as I walked behind.  All too soon, she’d finish off her cigarette, dropping it to the pavement and crushing it out.  I was in a dense huddle of forward-moving people, but nonetheless had to come to a dead stop and identify that butt as a Camel Crush.  Now those aren’t as cute as the Camel Pinks, but there’s still something cute about them when a girl smokes them, especially a girl like this.  It suggests they’re easy prey for tobacco company marketing.  Another great sighting….and I was still only getting warmed up that evening.

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