MNSF #71. A Gorgeous Blond Smoker Holds Me Back in a Good Way

As great as my 2008 Minnesota State Fair sightings day was, things got even better in the evening.  Sightings were so prolific that I was expecting to cross the double-century threshold for the first time ever but the plan to get to 200 sightings kept on getting stalled in the best possible way….the sightings I was running into were of such first-rate quality that I was sticking around to see many of them through.

With less than a half an hour left in the evening, Sighting #180 of the day would be the next to occupy my time as I detoured next to the pork-chop-on-a-stick stand following the sight of an uber-glamorous 18-19ish long-haired blond in the company of a guy…easily one of the hottest smokers of the day in raw beauty, if not the hottest of all.  She had cheekbones so distinguished you could hang Christmas ornaments from them. Sometimes the “really hot” girls are more likely to be smokers than the merely “cute” types, but I would not have expected carcinogens to be flowing from this babe’s face until I saw that ball of cigarette smoke she inhaled flow from her mouth and nostrils with intense repetition.

I stood at a comfortable distance and watched the impressive performance, wishing like crazy those tight jeans covering her bottom were going home with me….with her inside! I was able to observe her smoke most of the cigarette before she stubbed it out and began walking, likely looking for a garbage can to throw the cigarette butt into…but didn’t come across one within the first several yards of walking. She finally gave up and tossed the butt to the curb, which was perfect for me as it allowed me the opportunity to swoop in and identify the butt.  It was one of those Camels with the tan striped filters.  If I was gonna be held back from getting 200 sightings tonight (and I did come up short by eight sightings), there would be no complaints coming from me if it was the result of being fixated on studying goddesses like her.

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