MNSF #33. Blond Dangles And Chainsmokes Through Work Break, Overcome With Physical Pleasure After Each Drag

I had a very solid day coming together on Day 1 of the 2016 Minnesota State Fair in the early afternoon hours and was lurking around the smoking area east of the grandstand, which has probably been the most productive smoking area in the four years of their existence.  And so it would be again that day as I spotted out of the corner of my eye this sensational early 20s blond leaning up against the tree with the stub of a cigarette dangling from her mouth.  I hustled on over to get a better look….only to find her crushing the cigarette out on the grass next to her.  Noooo!  It was happening again….an appetizer of greatness thrust in front of my face but being denied a full sightings meal.  But before I even had time to begin feeling sorry for myself, blondie was reaching into her purse and extracting a turquoise pack of American Spirits (when did these things become cool!??!?!) and extracting another one, dangling it for a few seconds and then lighting up, having gone no more than 20 seconds since her last smoke.  I was overcome with joy and began taking in this crazy sexy image in front of me…..long blond hair hanging over her shoulder in a single long braid, sunglasses, a low-cut gray top revealing a gigantic pair of natural boobs, and a pair of lacy white shorts below the waist with long tanned legs outstretched from the tree which she continued to lean upon as she sat, all with a freshly lit cigarette between her fingers.  The image of smoky feminine bliss I’ve been seeking all fair season was upon me….

And the image was only part of it as she supplemented it with a world-class smoking show, texting to distraction as I snapped numerous close-up pics, all too often of her immersed in one no-purpose dangle after another.  And when she removed the cigarette from her mouth after a drag, intense satisfaction filled her face followed by slow and smooth exhales coming in thin streams from her mouth and nose.  I wasn’t witnessing a cigarette being smoked….I was witnessing a sexual assault!  Almost never was there a time during the duration of this cigarette that braided blondie wasn’t doing something over-the-top with the cigarette, accentuated by the primal sexual appeal of her flamboyant feminine presentation.  Over the course of the five minutes or so she smoked, a good two minutes were spent with the cigarette dangling from her mouth, even when the cigarette was down to a stub and had to have been red hot on her lips, particularly with the intensity of her drags which were always at least six seconds but usually longer.  It was an incredible show and I took in every moment of it before she crushed out the second cigarette into the grass by the tree right next to where she crushed the first one out.  At long last, the 2016 fair season had produced something truly special, and I walked away with a renewed spring in my step.

I migrated off to a nearby berm and took in some more sightings but felt compelled to go back to that designated smoking area I just came from just in case….my best decision of the day.  I spotted from afar an insanely hot young female body smoking in the presence of a boyfriend who was also smoking near the tree.  I got closer and while her presentation with ponytailed dark blond hair, a skimpy navy blue tanktop and short jean shorts was very impressive, her face didn’t quite match the body.  She wasn’t unattractive but I was hoping for better based on the image from afar.  I snapped a couple of solid photos, one dragging and one in mid-dangle and was satisfied with the sightings’ modest rewards, but recall how I said this sighting took place “by the tree”.  It’s a large tree and this girl was standing on the north side of it, but it took me about a minute after arriving to bother taking a look to the other side of the tree.  And doing so I had a most surprising reunion….from a girl who had never left her old spot from five minutes earlier….

Not sure why it never occurred to me that blondie with the braid and the big boobs and white lacy shorts might still be there, but there she was….my sighting of 2016 thus far, and smoking another cigarette, her third of this smoke break.  It was a fun little trick to take a couple of shots of both girls, in one case with both girls in mid-drag on opposite sides of the tree, a collision of smoker girl worlds in a way I never really captured on camera before.  But after this novelty wore off, I focused entirely on the braided blond again, who was now closing her eyes as if trying to get some rest as she sat there against the tree, cigarette in hand.  It made it that much easier to watch in observance as she sat there resting, but even if her mind was at rest her body ended up working twice as hard to process the volume of nicotine and tar she was feeding it.  The last several drags she took from that cigarette as she rested were the most intense yet, her lips wrapping around that cork filter and drawing in smoke for at least eight seconds per drag, renting a condo inside her black lungs, and then filtering out her mouth and nose in a sleepy exhale.  It was like a small child putting herself to sleep sucking on a pacifier, only for this adult girl it was a cigarette doing the work of the pacifier, and it was hard to tell whether the sensation was putting her to sleep or gratifying her sexually.  Perhaps a little of both.  It was a sighting unlike anything else I had seen, particularly this final act of the sighting.  How is it even possible for a girl to get this much bodily pleasure from American Spirits??!?!

As she finished off the cigarette, she crushed it out in the grass and began to awaken, standing up from the tree she had been sitting next to for at least 15 minutes.  It was only when she stood up that I appreciated just how sexy her body was.  Between her busty chest and the way those lacy white shorts wore on her as she sat, I was under the impression she might be a tad pudgy, but seeing her standing up, it was now clear her curves were in no way excessive and the white lacy shorts fit her form perfectly.  Better yet, she had a bunch of stray grass blades and impressions on her upper thigh flesh from the tree roots when she stood up, the most adorable imperfections on this perfect feminine presentation.  Standing there stretching out after standing up, her bottom covered in grass and dirt, her adorable body seemed as vulnerable as those poor cigarettes were when she committed such unspeakable atrocities towards them only moments earlier.  The bummer of this final image is that she scooped up the three discarded American Spirits butts she consumed during her stay in the smoking area and approached the overflowing community ashtray with them, taking away their special presence and rendering them mere paper and tar residue amongst hundreds like them.

I readied my camera as she walked away trying to get a perfect ass shot.  I only managed a couple of mediocre ones but as I moved away satisfied with my haul, I discovered my gig was officially up as this guy approached the girl as she got in line for fair food, pointing my direction as if to tell her I was photographing her.  It was time to go!   I’ve been getting braver and dumber with these smoking pics every year and it’s only a matter of time until I create a real problem for myself with them.  I boogied on out of the spot and avoided confrontation but told myself as I walked away that I needed to cool it with the pics.  That didn’t last long but I was far less aggressive for the rest of the day with the photos, sadly reducing the rewards I’ll be able to offer readers with my smoking gallery of pics on Tumblr.  If I was gonna get busted, I sure picked a firecracker of a sighting to get busted over though!

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