MNSF #41. A Landlocked Teen Smoking “Mermaid” Strikes Sexy Pose

I said in previous entries that my 2008 Minnesota State Fair visit was my best day of fetishing of all-time, and compared the day’s trajectory to that of avalanche, where the intensity just kept building into the late night hours.  Well this was one of my final sightings of the evening and I was practically hyperventilating from the roller coaster ride, but thought to myself that if there was any missing link to the entire day it was some really wholesome-looking underage girls who you’d never think would smoke.  In the final 15 minutes of the day, my wish became the Minnesota State Fair’s command….

I was walking around the perimeter of the horticulture building, where I would once again strike gold. I hadn’t seen any truly wholesome-looking teenage girls smoking yet that day….until now. Four 16-ish chickies were sitting on a cement slab a decent distance away from the sidewalk, likely doing their best to hide from the crowds that would almost assuredly disapprove of the fact that two of girls were smoking. The smokers both sat on the right and were both adorable brunettes. The girl on the far right was most heartbreakingly cute of the two, which worked out because I got to see more of her smoking performance than the other girl. Only a few seconds after my arrival, the girl on the left took a final drag and flung her spent butt several feet in front of her and onto the grass while the prettier girl on the right kept on smoking. My positioning was perfect to watch. There’s nothing sexier than young girls in cutoffs smoking, and I swear to you this girl was laid out with her smooth legs on display all the way up to her upper thigh, with frayed denim cresting just before the hump of her ass.  She was almost laid out in a perfect mermaid pose looking so sexy and so vulnerable. Beautifully out of place was the glowing cherry from her all-white.

Her smoking performance was precocious but endearing and she certainly seemed to enjoy every puff and made the cigarette last at least three minutes longer than the nicotine-addicted friend next to her did. You could tell the other friends were getting impatient as the girl savored her cigarette at the expense of their evening fair time.  The other three friends finally got up to leave, brushing the grass off of their backsides and taking off, while my adorable little smoker cutie hastily stubbed out the Marlboro Menthol Light she was enjoying so much onto the pavement and quickly rising to her feet to keep up with her girls.  She too gave those amazing jean shorts covering her perfect ass a brush to get the grass off, and at that point I would have given $1,000 to become those hands of hers that got to caress that ass.  Talk about ending a great night with a great moment.

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