MNSF #40. A Blond Teen Smoker “Garbage Girl”

I’ve mentioned elsewhere how the north side of the Minnesota State Fairgrounds is a giant cluster of blocks mostly dedicated to 4-H and agricultural equipment.  It takes a good 20 minutes to make the round trip that way and only occasionally does it deliver with a memorable sighting, meaning I usually limit my ventures that direction to one or two a day.  But the north side still occasionally delivers, and never has it delivered better than the morning hours of my 2007 Minnesota State Fair trip.

I took a midmorning loop through the sparse crowd of the north side blocks when I saw this golf cart-esque contraption (property of the Minnesota State Fair) driving down the streets and stopping at every garbage can to collect the trash, with two young ladies in the driver and passenger seats.  The two young employees included an overweight and unattractive redhead driving and a ponytailed blond cutie who looked about 18 in the passenger seat.  Guess which one was sporting an 85-100 mm all-white companion in her right hand?

I walked quickly to follow this mobile vehicle as blondie stopped at every full garbage can and removed the bag, tossing it on the heap of bags in the back of the vehicle. Who could have ever imagined that the "garbage man" would ever be a very wholesome-looking blond cutie who personified the girl next door image? And that she would be smoking an all-white cigarette on top of everything else?!? She went from garbage can to garbage can, doing the dirty work while the nonsmoking chubby friend drove....and she would dangle that cigarette from her lips every time her T-shirt and denim shorts-clad young body removed a garbage bag from the can...and my heart melted every time she did. The only downside is that when she finished the cigarette, she tossed the cigarette butt into one of the very trash bags she was removing before her garbage cart so I didn't get to identify the brand, even though I suspected it was a Marlboro Light.  Even though that 2007 trip would end up being a great day, it would be several hours before I would see anything else of this caliber.

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