MNSF #39. The Original Teen Smoking Blond In Sexy White Shorts

I scored three classic sightings at the 2003 Minnesota State Fair, and the year was in many ways a precedent-setter because all three of these sightings introduced me to various “triggers”, specific criteria of hotness within a sighting that often turn a good sighting into a great sighting.  In this case it was the first smoker sighting where I really realized how hot it was to see a pretty girl smoking….in white shorts…

It was mid-afternoon and while I was having moderate luck with sightings, I hadn’t seen anything that day that really jumped out and grabbed me until I wandered into the area in between the DNR area and the women’s bathroom.  From out of the bathroom stepped this 16ish long-haired blond who was the picture of beauty and innocence.  I couldn’t have dreamed a more idyllic Midwestern beauty, and adding to her allure was the tiny pair of white shorts that perfectly framed her gorgeously chiseled feminine assets.  Despite her general wholesomeness and “Barbie doll come to life” look, she had a certain naughty look in her eyes as she drifted towards a tree near the bathroom structure.  Another more modest looking girl (also about 16) would soon join her beautiful friend.  I was trying to hold expectations down as the day had been slow thus far, but the excitement was building and I still had a feeling that these girls would produce.

And produce they did, with the blond cutie extracting a pack of Marlboro Lights from her purse, producing a cigarette each for herself and her friend while sneakily hiding behind the bathroom as they smoked, hiding out of sight from everybody except me.  This was before I was in the business of seriously evaluating smoking style, but what I saw impressed me and I remember that the corrupting blond cutie was the more accomplished of the two smokers.  My 2003 Minnesota State Fair had finally found some legs…and they just happened to be extending from a pair of the hottest white shorts I ever recall seeing a girl wear at that point in my life.  I’ve seen tighter pairs since, but they were nonetheless very tight and framed this girl’s lower body beautifully.  Never again would I look at a pair of white shorts the same way.

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