MNSF #30. An Evening Snack of Milk, Cookies, and Cigarettes

During the 6 p.m. dinner hour on my second day at the 2011 Minnesota State Fair, I scored my second favorite sighting of the day.  In terms of the storyline of this sighting, it was actually the best of the day.  I headed southward from the beer gardens and spotted a duo of 16-17ish girls seated on the curb and just sparking up cork filter cigarettes.  It was the kind of moment I waited all day for and I crossed the street for my front-row seat…

I had perfect timing to snap a couple of pictures, catching both girls with their cigarettes.  The girl furthest from me was a light brunette in a blue T-shirt and nicely fitting black shorts.  She was a plain jane but had an undeniable cuteness factor nonetheless.  But it was her friend, the girl closest to me, who impressed most.  She was a total cutie of a ponytailed blond in a multicolored flower-print tanktop and blue shorts who bore a striking resemblance to a smoker girl friend of mine named Alissa when she was 16, albeit with blond hair.  Both girls were extremely skilled smokers, but blondie was the better of the two taking frequent and extensive drags, producing somewhat careless exhales that scattered with the intensifying wind.  Clearly this dynamic itself would have made for a great sighting, but it was about to get a truly yummy helping of additional context as the girls were joined by two guys, one white and one black, whose wholesome look became even more wholesome when they approached the girls, each carrying a glass of milk in each hand.  This group was sitting outside the “All the Milk You Can Drink for $1″ stand and as I listened to their conversation, the girls were joking with the guys about how much they loved their milk.

And then it got even better when from out of nowhere a cone full of chocolate chip cookies was produced and the girls got their hands on them.  So we literally had two teenage girls sitting on a curb, cigarette in their left hands, cones of chocolate chip cookies in the other hand, and a glass of milk in front of them.  And next to them you have two wholesome guys snacking on milk and cookies while their underage girlfriends smoked.  Now it would have been ideal if the girls’ followed a pattern of taking a bite from the cookie, then taking a drag from their cigarette, and then taking another bite from the cookie, they nonetheless juggled the two “snacks” evenly by finishing off one cookie, puffing on their cigarettes, and then going in for one more cookie.  The sighting would then get another act…..

I was leaning up against a garbage can with all the people cashing in on the “all-you-can-drink milk” gimmick behind me, watching with glee as this sighting played out.  At that point, my blond cutie stood up and started getting touchy-feely with the white boy in her group, leading me to believe he was her boyfriend.  While standing there, she continued to smoke her cigarette, but at one point handed it to the friend saying something inaudible to which the friend answered her with something else I couldn’t hear through a talking exhale.  From that point the girl’s intentions became clear as she took her bag off her back and pulled out a gray sweatshirt which she proceeded to put on.  The cold front had gone through after the rainstorm and while I thought it felt good, a lot of girls seemed to be cold, meaning I would now have a teen smoker cutie in a sweatshirt to watch finish off her cigarette.

Meanwhile, back on the curb, the brunette girl was holding the two cigarettes side by side, and it was clear blondie’s cigarette had been smoked more quickly given that there was less left of hers.  After slipping into her sweatshirt, blondie reclaimed the cigarette and continued to smoke it skillfully, only this time exposing her milk-and-cookies wholesome nonsmoking boyfriend to her fumes.  Kind of hilarious how these guys were trying to do their bodies right with the vitamin-enriched milk they were sipping, but undermining it by hanging out with these girls mercilessly exposing them to cancerous secondhand smoke.

My blond Alissa doppelganger smoked her cigarette right down to the filter before dropping it to the curb.  I would say she didn’t bother to crush it out, but she didn’t have to since there was no tobacco left to put out!  A couple of minutes later, the brunette who was still sitting on the curb finished her cigarette with at least a little white left in front of the cork filter, crushing it out on the curb and then leaving it sit there when she stood up to join the rest of the group all of whom were at this point standing.  I took her place on the curb and had no problem stealthy spot-checking her cigarette butt and identifying it as a Marlboro 27, and I figured the other girl’s cork filter was most likely the same.  Sightings don’t get much more fun than that one.

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8 Responses to MNSF #30. An Evening Snack of Milk, Cookies, and Cigarettes

  1. Patty says:

    What a fabulous summer this has been. My best friend and I turned 17, bleached our hair blonde (platinum) and started smoking. I love smoking and am becoming addicted (1 + packs a day). Not having trouble getting cigarettes as I have 2 18 year old male friends , that are anxious to keep me supplied. They are both turned on by me smoking. My friend and I love to put on our short shorts, go to public places and walk around with our new bleached hair and smoking. What a turn on! We sure get a lot of looks. I’m looking forward to returning to school and showing off the new smoking blonde me.

    • Smokin' Mark says:

      Hey Patty. Congratulations on becoming a teen smoker and I’m sure you’re a knockout. Not sure if you live in Minnesota or Iowa but if you do, you might find yourself featured in a writeup in my blog this summer. 🙂 Thanks a lot for contributing and I hope you enjoy the blog.

  2. Patty says:

    Thanks Mark My bleached blonde friend and I love your site and look forward to your story. Meanwhile, we will continue showing off our new blonde hair while smoking up a srorm. Patty

    • Smokin' Mark says:

      Great to hear I have teenage girls who are fans! Did you find my site after you started smoking or before? Just love hearing that you’re spewing that wonderful smoke all over public places! You are my heroes. 🙂

  3. Patty says:

    Just found your site while rebleaching our hair and smoking last night Patty

    • Smokin' Mark says:

      Well on the off-chance you live in Minnesota or Iowa and will be attending the state fairs in the weeks ahead I will be looking for two hot bleached blonds wielding cigarettes. And if you happen to notice a young-ish blond guy watching you smoke, feel free to introduce yourself as Patty and ask if I am Mark. 🙂

  4. Patty says:

    We live in California, so won’t be at your fairs. We were at the State fair last week and almost got busted for underage smoking. It didn’t stop us as we just went around the building and lit up again. No further problems. Sure picked up some admiring looks. So much fun, We love being bleached blondes and smoking whereever we go. Patty

  5. CBW says:

    All young girls should smoke. It is so sexy. My mom turned me when I was 6 or 7.

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