MNSF #36. A Stinky Daughter Corrupts a Norman Rockwell Family

As I referred to in my #38 MNSF sighting, the 2003 Minnesota State Fair featured three sightings that, while none by themselves specifically epic, were all trigger sightings that set the stage for long-term sighting preferences….

In this case, about an hour before dusk, I was seated in the bleachers with my mom to watch a free outdoor evening concert by country singer Suzy Bogguss scheduled for about an hour later. This teen talent show was getting over and I was looking all around to see if I could see any smokers. Standing behind all the bleachers and not too far from my line of vision was a handsome young couple about 19-20 enjoying cigarettes. Now I thought they were a couple, but it’s possible they were just brother and sister, a context I will get into in a bit. Anyway, I watched as best I could as this adorable college-age girl with short brown hair and a cute little blue tanktop with jean shorts dragged copiously and furiously from her little white friend. She was a very accomplished and unlikely looking smoker, and while I wasn’t paying very close of attention to her brother/boyfriend, she seemed to be outsmoking him right up to the point where they crushed out their cigarettes.

That’s when the sighting really took flight.  They proceeded about six or seven rows ahead of us and took a seat directly in between the parents, or at least the parents of one of the two.  The parents could not have possibly better represented the “salt-of-the-earth” Norman Rockwell parents, yet they suddenly had their smelly daughter sitting in between them and contaminating their airways with the stench of fresh tobacco on her clothes.  Seeing cute daughters exposing nonsmoking parents to the fresh stench of tobacco clinging to them….another trigger that would forever stick with me even though I don’t recall encountering it in sightings past.

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