MNSF #2. The Best Early Teen Smoker Girl of All-Time Puffing Away With Grandpa

As stated previously, I couldn’t stay very long at the fair on the dreary Friday in 2000 due to a commitment that evening and really didn’t want to stay very long given the weather, but in the final half hour of a day that had already proven quite productive, I scored the most epic young smoker sighting of my life.

To give a little background, I had been sitting at an early afternoon concert by now country music superstar Keith Urban back when he had only two hits under his belt, looking around for smokers as always, and repeatedly saw plumes of smoke going airborne from the direction of this young blond girl, sitting with what appeared to be her grandparents.  I never saw the girl with a cigarette and didn’t expect to as she was way too young and way too Barbie-doll cute.  The smoke, I told myself, had to be coming from one of her  grandparents. But that smoke just kept coming from where she was seated, beckoning my attention repeatedly from the awkward spot where I was seated. I never did see anything, but got plenty of chances to admire the cuteness of this little blond sweetheart even from my considerable distance away.

About three hours later, I was navigating the fairgrounds near the bungee jumping stations and saw a freshly lit all-white protruding from VERY young female fingers.  Instantly, I recognized these hands as belonging to the same girl I saw at the Keith Urban concert, again in the presence of the older couple who I assumed to be her grandparents.  I studied her closely, stunned as I determined there was no way she was older than 13, and may possibly have been even younger. I positioned myself a few yards away from them and watched in absolute awe as this most adorable girl casually smoked in the presence of her grandparents. Decked out in a cute red T-shirt and utilitarian white shorts, with long platinum blond hair flowing all the way down her back, the last thing one would have expected to see was a Marlboro Light approach her young lips, yet that was exactly what I was seeing.

As hot as mother-daughter smoker sightings are, I was witnessing a grandfather-granddaughter sighting (granny didn’t appear to smoke), and in the most public place in the state of Minnesota.  As she watched the bungee jumpers overhead, she jubilantly talked it over with her grandparents the way you would expect a 13-year-old girl would do, with the cigarette becoming animated in her hand amidst her excited responses at the brave bungee jumpers.  And she was no amateur.  Her inhales were deep and her exhales were tight plumes of straight-ahead smoke that sailed many inches in front of her face.  I could feel the blood rush to my crotch watching this, having to sit down to avoid the bulge in my jeans from showing. When she took her final drag, she crushed the cigarette out under her shoe, and for whatever reason it was at that moment it hit me how special what I had just seen really was.

Many of us with the smoking fetish can trace the origins of our fetish back to when we were little boys. The best way I can sell the magnitude of this sighting’s epicness is to call upon readers to recall your jubilation in those late elementary years when you discovered or heard rumors that one or two of your sixth-grade female classmates had started smoking….and then imagine the cutest blonde princess in your grade being the smoker, and smoking publicly in the company of her family!  It was like a perfect middle school fantasy come to life for a smoking fetisher and I experienced it, albeit 10 years later.

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11 Responses to MNSF #2. The Best Early Teen Smoker Girl of All-Time Puffing Away With Grandpa

  1. thatisthelaw says:

    This is a post card from a place I visited:×1200/68/wn2.jpg?et=M8m0osBuggAz%2CrCNGYu9dA&nmid=352063744
    …in fantasy, that is. In the real world I wasn’t quite so lucky–not nearly as lucky as you, for instance. But one time in the mid-60s, as I was sitting in an orthodontist’s waiting room, two 13-year-olds came in, sat across from me and, in total awareness that they were attracting the attention and scandalized stares of all the adults seated around the room, took out a pack of Marlboros, took a cigarette each, lit up, and smoked it through with the kind of conspicuously long puffs and big exhales typical of young girls who have just mastered the habit and want to show it off. I had to force myself to keep from looking at them most of the time, or I would have suffered an accident that would have earned me some stares myself. The girls were fairly cute, except that of course they both wore braces (like me); hence their presence in an orthodontist’s office. I thought–or fantasized–about hanging around and waiting for them when they came out; but as a junior in high school I couldn’t be seen sniffing around 7th graders. Young girls weren’t guarded by their parents as rigorously as they are now, but teen social restrictions of the time forbade such interaction; it just wasn’t done.

    • Smokin' Mark says:

      You make me wish I grew up in the 60s and 70s. How incredible it must have been to see two cute early teen girls smoking in an orthodontist’s office, presumably only minutes from having the orthodontist look inside their mouths. Thanks for submitting, and too bad you weren’t able to stick around to see more of the show.

      • thatisthelaw says:

        That kind of blatant behavior was rare, even then. But on the other hand, when young people did smoke in public, they could do so without getting grief from adults who didn’t know them yet still felt entitled to harass them and give them orders to stop. Once while walking down the sidewalk I passed a little girl of 7 or so, with a cute round face and dark hair falling in her eyes, sitting with her even younger brother on the low retaining wall to a bit of garden outside a men’s store, and happily smoking a cigarette. Since she had no other visible belongings, I don’t know where she had gotten the cigarette from or how she had gotten it lit. I like to imagine that she asked for a light from a grown-up and he willingly gave it. None of the adult passers-by seemed to take any notice of her smoking; I would have liked to, but was afraid I’d stand out too much.

        It was very unusual to see a girl that young smoking. That only happened to me one other time, in the same place as the anecdote I told on the Dark Side Board. (To recap: that described my visit to a shopping mall when I found myself sitting across from a slender little blonde 13 or 14, beautiful, well-dressed, obviously upper middle class–and smoking continuously. She was hanging out with her clique–obviously the popular clique–who were also smoking also, but she was the centerpiece of the group, and not only smoked but dressed and carried herself as if she were in college.)

        Across from the seats where the junior high girls hung out and smoked was a dais, perhaps 20 yards wide and half as deep, which extended from the outer window of the mall on the left to the wall of the first store on the right. At the store end was a semi-wall about a third of the width of the dais, which blocked that end from view. One day as I was approaching the exit I saw a young girl standing in the middle of the dais looking around with interest–and holding a cigarette. She wasn’t one of the young teens I was used to seeing smoking there; she was definitely a little girl, no more than 8 or 9. No sooner had I glimpsed her than she ran back into the recess behind the semi-wall, as if someone had told her to stay hidden while she was smoking. I really wanted to follow her and see more; but I didn’t, to my everlasting regret (but occasional fantasy).

      • Smokin' Mark says:

        I never got a sighting a girl of a younger than 11 or 12 sighting, but I got a secondhand account of one by my cousin back in 1986, verified by his mother who told the story herself the next week. He talked about going to the beach of the lake in my hometown and seeing a little 4-year-old Hispanic girl on the blanket with her mom and dad. The girl was pulling mom’s cigarettes out of her purse and my cousin’s mom saw it and was gonna point out to the mom that the little girl was digging in her cigarettes. But before she had the chance, the girl put a cigarette in her mouth and beckoned mom’s attention. Mom patted her on the top of the head affectionately and lit her up. From that point forward, the people on the beach allegedly watched in amazement as the girl proceeded to smoke four cigarettes over the course of the next hour. Had I just heard this story from my cousin I wouldn’t have believed it but when his mom gave the same report the week later I knew it was real. I found myself getting off thinking about this for months to come, and it was at that point I was pretty much doomed, if that’s the word, to a lifetime of an intense smoking fetish.

  2. thatisthelaw says:

    I know just what you mean about thinking about accounts like this for months. I did the same with an account from the 70s that appeared a board a few years ago, about a little girl of 7 at a bowling alley. Every so often she’d run over to her mom, who was sitting on the sidelines, and whisper something to her, they’d have a little conversation back and forth, and her mom would open her purse, take out her Marlboros, and give the little girl one. She’d light it for her, and the little girl would go off by herself to the eating area and sit there smoking her Marlboro, while people stared just as they did at the little girl at the lake. Unlike a lot of stories on boards, this one sounded totally true; the details weren’t exaggerated, and it sounded like it would have happened just as described. I tried to imagine how I would have reacted if I’d been there, and decided it was just as well I hadn’t.

    The closest thing to this I ever saw myself was at a KFC somewhere in the Midwest–one I’d never seen before and never saw again, so we’d probably stopped there while on a trip. To the left of us were sitting two kids and a haggard-looking old woman who was evidently the one raising them, probably their grandmother or aunt. They were obviously a lower-income family. One of the kids was a boy 8 or 9 years old, the other was a dark-haired, slightly unkempt, but pretty good-looking girl of 12 or 13, and the woman was letting them both take cigarettes from her and smoke them. She looked like she was too tired to stop them, so she let them do what they wanted.

    At a table to our right, which was also in my eyeline, a girl the same age as the other one–but middle-class, not poor–leaned over to the women she was sitting with, probably her mother, and whispered to her about how the old woman was letting her kids smoke. The dark-haired girl left her table, either to get condiments or to use the rest room, and on her way back she caught the other girl’s eye, and they exchanged shy, rather awkward hellos. I gathered that they went to the same school. The dark-haired girl looked as though she was aware of her inferior status and a little ashamed of it, the way kids are sometimes. But a compensating factor was that the other girl didn’t snub her or act superior, her hello was sincere, and afterward she didn’t roll her eyes at her mom or anything like that; so I concluded that (1) she was nice and (2) she–and probably her schoolmates in general–considered the poorer girl all right, not trashy (in spite of her smoking). It was one of those 7-Up/14-Up kinds of scenes that made me wish I could see what became of the girls in another few years.

  3. thatisthelaw says:

    In the above, I never got to the main point I set out to make. When the fetish “came out” and defined itself on the Web 20 years ago or so, it was an eye-opener for me. Until then I still wasn’t sure it WAS a fetish; it didn’t meet the classic definition, and after reading every description of fetishism I could find in psychology texts, only in one of them did I see a mention of it, which read something like: “The source of arousal may be a woman smoking a cigarette…” Then the author went on without ever referring to that example again. In the 80s someone produced a series of anti-smoking posters including one of an ugly woman smoking with the caption “Smoking is sexy” (intended ironically). Apart from the offensiveness of the poster in insulting the subject of the photo, my main reaction was one of confusion, since I’d never heard anyone say smoking WAS sexy; that was one reason I could never talk to anybody about my fetish. I’d see occasional photos and scenes in movies that seemed intended to look sexy, but I couldn’t be sure that that the inclusion of smoking wasn’t just accidental.

    The existence of a community, however much it was unable to reach agreement on the fundamentals on the fetish, and in spite of its undependability–fetishists came and went all the time–established the existence of the fetish and of other fetishists, and the coming into being of smoking stories, movies, and photos meant to be erotic, including a few with very young smokers; and all this and the rest of it caused my fetish to develop in ways previously unadmitted or perhaps not previously existing. The upshot has been that after hearing stories like the one you told, and the similar one I quoted, and seeing a few kindred photos, and mulling them over A LOT, I’ve increasingly found myself moved, almost to the exclusion of all else, to fantasies I’ve found myself trying to realize–one might say obsessively–in little creations like these:×1200/141/ll20.jpg?et=W%2Ct1km8uAbNl%2BvHGVtkPHQ&nmid=383211726×1200/145/ll24.jpg?et=jSvgTPKf6HqMn94lnGrXaw&nmid=383211726×1200/157/ll36.jpg?et=poL7EUmUeYu1fUn6Gpy5Jw&nmid=383211726
    I know this field of interest is considered socially unacceptable, even within most of the smoking fetish community–even the discussion of it is prohibited on most smoking sites–but it’s there, and not only for me. I don’t entirely know why, or how far it goes, or what it means (if anything); and one of the things I don’t know is whether it’s more a product of early repression or late decadence. But the idea that even the youngest girl could know all there is to know about something as grown-up and sensual as cigarettes is just…so…HOT. You know?

    • Smokin' Mark says:

      It’s unfortunate that the peak of female smoking didn’t overlap with the formation of online smoking fetish communities in the 1990s. Seems like the combination of guys out of the closet with the smoking fetish and a nation of attractive young girls who already smoked could have really worked to our advantage.

      • thatisthelaw says:

        My intuition suggests to me that in any given period both smoking customs and the ways the fetish manifests are responses to the same cultural conditions and couldn’t have happened on a different timeline. For instance, before cigarettes and cigars were introduced, or before tobacco sales were restricted to adults, I probably would never have had a smoking fetish; I would have had some other fetish instead.

  4. ECD says:

    Oh, I am so in the presence of kindred spirits! While of course I conduct myself within the proper limits, there is just something so beautiful and innocent about a young girl, a phase of beauty that disappears during her saucy teen years and is replaced by that new kind of beauty, which again yields to the beauty of the grown woman. How thrilling it would be to catch sight of a young girl enjoying a cigarette meant for someone much older, kissing it to little lips far more used to lollipops and bubble gum. And with the self-centered, unpolished tendencies of a young girl, it would be very likely that she would let her exhales blow into the faces of people around here, unlike grown women who rarely do.

  5. ECD says:

    “When she took her final drag, she crushed the cigarette out under her shoe, and forever whatever reason it was at that moment how special what I had just seen really was.”

    Again, I hope you managed to capture that precious bit of detritus and not let it be lost forever amongst the fair trash. Imagine how many hundreds more cigarettes have now been caressed by those lips, drained of their nicotine and crushed under her shoes!

    I wish thatisthelaw was still around — I loved his photoshopping!

    • Smokin' Mark says:

      In at least half of the sightings profiled on this blog, I’ve successfully added the cigarette butts of the girls to my permanent collection. To my eternal regret, this was not one of them. I was less than an hour removed from a job interview and, much as I would have loved to take ownership of that cigarette butt, the prospect of going to the interview reeking of smoke was a risk I wouldn’t take. Knowing what I know now, that I wouldn’t get the job anyway, I would have chosen the wiser course and pocketed that treasure and then perhaps had it mounted above my fireplace the way a hunter would with a 10-point buck.

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