MNSF #20. Blond Schoolgirl Daughter Gets Lit Up By Mom and Smokes in Line With Dad

As stated before, my 2007 Minnesota State Fair sightings day, conveniently taking place on my 30th birthday, was one of my all-time best, although the day took awhile to get rolling.  My patience was ultimately richly rewarded by midafternoon when things started to pick up, specifically with my third best sighting of the day….

Walking between the food building and the free music stage, I spotted a 40-something mother and 18-ish blond daughter standing together, immediately spotting the daughter extracting an all-white from her pack of Camel Pinks, then fairly new and incredibly feminine. I stopped dead in my tracks waiting for a light-up, but got something infinitely better. Mom had already lit her cigarette…and proceeded to hold up her smoldering cigarette to the daughter’s cigarette….slowly bringing the second cigarette dangling from girly’s mouth to life. I watched from across the street in awe and was struck by what a cutie the girl was. She had chin-length blond hair and carried around this University of Minnesota backpack.  She was the very embodiment of the girl next door, sinfully cute and not looking at all like a smoker. If ever there was a perfect girl to be smoking a Camel Pink, it was her.  And the sighting would get even better…..

Moments later, dad showed up while mother and daughter continued to smoke, and he was clearly very comfortable with the ladies of his life smoking their cigarettes. The girl and father would get in line and purchase some greasy fair food, with the girl smoking her cigarette as she stood in line. After walking away with the food, blondie snuffed out the half-smoked cigarette and took it with her as the whole family sat on a bench to eat.

I made a quick loop around that neck of the fairgrounds, hoping to return to see an encore after they finished eating. I returned in a few short minutes to find that dad was smoking this time while mom and daughter continued to eat. I sat on a nearby bench just in case girlie would light up the half-smoked cigarette she held on to before.  The bad news was that she didn’t, but the good news was that for whatever reason, she removed a brand-new cigarette from the pack of Camel Pinks and lit that up instead. I watched from a perfect angle and distance as she smoked the entire cigarette, exhibiting a well-practiced style and ejecting smoke from both mouth and nose with every exhale.  A few minutes later, she would turn to the bushes behind her and crush out her cigarette out of sight. The family lingered around at that spot and I continued to remain closeby, looping around and returning about 20 minutes later to see they were still sitting there, but no longer smoking.

There were a number of things that made this sighting great, not the least of which was the incredible wholesomeness of the girl herself down to the short blond hair and girlish pink backpack she was lugging around.  But I think the best part of the sighting was the natural dynamic this girl had smoking with her family, specifically that wondrous mother-daughter moment where mom used her own cigarette to light her daughter’s.  An unforgettable MNSF moment if there ever was one.

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