MNSF #150. Family Of Smokers Puff Away With Daughter’s Hot Asian Friend

My second day at the 2018 Minnesota State Fair was frontloaded with a litany of great sightings in the early afternoon hours, and one of them came east of the grandstand area, albeit outside of any designated smoking area. Hovering under a tree in relative isolation was a group that included some middle-aged smokers in the presence of three young women in their early 20s. I encircled them and noticed that only the parents appeared to be smoking, but when I was about to lose hope and move on, the hottest girl in the group suddenly produced a pack of Marlboro 27s from her bag. She was a long-haired early 20s dark blond in a green top and jean shorts, although unfortunately she had a long-sleeved shirt tied around her waist that covered up most of her shorts. The blond was sitting down against a tree and was really dragging her feet getting around to lighting that cigarette when it finally came out of the pack and was between her fingers, and then ultimately dangling from her lips unlit. But then one of the other girls approached and before I knew it she had requisitioned a cigarette from blondie’s pack, the new girl being a brunette in a white tanktop and maroon shorts who looked like she had some Asian features but was likely mixed race. I sat on some cement steps a pretty close distance from the sighting and was prepared with my camera to get a pic of the light-up…until the cleaning crew approached with a mobile dumpster and got in my way when they finally lit up. With that mild frustration out of the way, I was able to settle in for a beautiful farrow-to-finish family of smokers sighting….

I had a comfortable and inconspicuous vantage point and was snapping pics left and right as the girls smoked. The girls were under a tree so there was some shade interference in the pics, but thankfully the zoom feature on my new laptop helped me salvage some pretty great detail I wouldn’t have gotten in pics I’d taken last year. Even aside from the photos, the sighting itself was wonderful. The brunette was standing, her tanned and sexy body on full display as she took a very timely drumbeat of drags that were always on point and seemed to satisfy. The blond impressed just a little more though. She made me wait a little more for her drags but they were fantastic, with a couple of dangling drags, some impressive smoke ingestion plainly visible when she inhaled, and then smooth and symmetrical exhales where the smoke exited through her mouth and nose. She was talking to the brunette who I assumed was her friend throughout the cigarette, but also intermittently chatting with mom and dad who seemed perfectly comfortable in the presence of their hot young daughter’s smoking show. It seems like I get a solid family of smokers show more years than not, and usually at the Minnesota State Fair. Unsurprisingly given her more timely drags, the brunette finished her cigarette first and tossed it into the garbage can. It would be another couple of minutes before the blond finished hers, stubbing it out into the mulch she was sitting atop and letting it sit there. It was clear the family was gonna linger there at least a few more minutes so I took off, hoping I’d see them again and knowing there was a decent chance I would. The good news is I would see them again but the bad news is that I suspect I just missed another cigarette….

It was in the second half of the afternoon and I spotted the younger blond and brunette friend, along with a couple of other early 20s females, in the alley between the beer gardens block and the sheep building where a lot of smokers sneak a cigarette. Unfortunately, they were in motion heading towards a livestock building, but there was one interesting caveat in that the hot blond was walking around with the pack of Marlboro 27s in her hand, advertising to any and all that she was a smoker. I followed until they went inside the aforementioned building, and sure enough, she was still hanging on to that pack of Marlboro 27s even after she was inside. I’d have preferred to see a second cigarette from her but this wasn’t a bad consolation prize.

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