MNSF #152. Mom And Sexy Daughter Enjoy Smoke Breaks Before Rain Storm

My first day at the 2017 Minnesota State Fair was a great day all around, but particularly prolific that day were mother-daughter sightings.  I got the first of two performances from one memorable pair in the mid-afternoon hours at the designated smoking area south of the bathroom area, but I would only see the tail end of the sighting. This very cute short-haired dark brunette in a green tanktop and dark blue jeans who looked about 21-22 was on the final throes of a cigarette standing next to mom right in the middle of the huddle of smokers. I only got to see two drags but I could tell this girl had some style just from that. I missed my opportunity for photo-taking during the brief smoking show but made every effort to get some shots as they walked away, ultimately getting one as they stood in line for root beer that captures most of her clearly. The good news is I’d get a full sighting from this girl a couple of hours later!

At the designated smoking area east of the grandstand, a favorite early 20s brunette from the early afternoon delightfully served up a much more thorough second sighting, again smoking with mom. The temps were cooling with rain clouds imminent and the girl now had a light jacket on that was tied around her waist beneath a skimpy green tanktop earlier. Surprisingly, she looked even more adorable in this colorfully printed jacket than she did in the green tanktop, and her smoking performance was outstanding, with frequent and nicely paced bombastic drags, often of the no-handlesbar dangling variety, that were followed up with stellar exhales that often flowed from both mouth and nose. She was a top-tier smoker with such a pretty and unlikely face. I must have taken 15 photos…but only one of them took…and it’s blurry. I was so disgusted and it was clear at that point in the evening that something was wrong with my camera phone. I was able to correct it but not in time to salvage photos that did justice to one of the top-five girls of the day. I was nonetheless grateful to get a full second cigarette sighting from her to appreciate her amazing smoking skills. Unfortunately, no butt ID as those community ashtrays are my Achille’s heels at the Minnesota State Fair. I can’t remember another year where I’ve had so many mother-daughter sightings of this caliber.

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